Middle School PE: Floor Hockey

Steve Ritter
LC Trainer
Clinton, MO.


Students will model good sportsmanship in athletic competition

Students will learn the rules, positions, terms, and skills associated with hockey

C Layer: Choose enough for 55 points.

  1. Take notes over lecture (3 at 5 pts each)

            Rules and Positions

            Proper Techniques of Passing, Shooting, and Goalkeeping

            Signals of Officials of Hockey

  1. Create a chart showing 10 of the signals used by officials in hockey (15 points)
  2. Write a letter to a friend as if you just played your first professional hockey game. (10 points)
  3. Complete flashcards over terms, positions, and rules of hockey. (15 points)
  4. Go to www.nhl.com and provide an oral summary to the teachers about the rules and positions in hockey. (10 points)
  5. Create a visual on the computer labeling the equipment worn and used by hockey players. (10 points)
  6. Write a one page paper discussing the origins of hockey. (10 points)

B Layer: Choose enough for 50 points.

  1. Choose a minimum of 2: Accurately demonstrate the proper skills for:
  1. Participate in the class game (10 points for each day participating (maximum of 30 points over 5 days of playing)**In order to get points, you must participate, demonstrate skills, and practice good sportsmanship throughout the game.
  1. Be one of 2 officials for a class game of floor hockey (10 points)
  2. Coach one of the 2 teams playing the game of floor hockey (10 points)

A Layer: Choose 1 for 25 points:

  1. Record 10 minutes a hockey game on TV. Analyze the footage as a coach or official. What would you have done differently? Do agree with the decisions of the players/official?
  2. Would you rather play hockey on ice or inline skates? Which do you think is safer? Which would be more fun?
  3. Hockey players were not always forced to play hockey with helmets on their heads. In the late 80s/early 90s, rules changed forcing newer players to wear helmets.  Would you have wore one or not given the chance?  Why or why not?