Steve Zimmerman
Blue Mountain High School
Teacher/Gifted Program Coordinator

Unit 7: Philosophy


Unit Length: 7 days       Unit Value:  110 points

Grade Scale: C = 84 - 93  B = 94 - 101  A = 102 - 110

Basic Level

Note: 90 points maximum allowed in Basic Level. Items marked * do not require oral assessment. 

1. Read each philosophy selection and be prepared to answer 4 teacher questions.

      (12) a. _____ ”Strange Behavior” and “Life after Life”.

2. Demonstrate active participation in the follow-up discussion of the philosophy selections by

answering at least 1 question, constructing and asking at least 1 pertinent question, and making at least 1 constructive comment.

      (8) a. _____ ”Strange Behavior” and “Life after Life”.

      (10) a. _____ ”Strange Behavior” and “Life after Life”.

(10) _____ 5. Complete 1 of the Logic puzzles correctly and submit.

Intermediate/Advanced Level

Due by final day of unit.

(30) _____ 3. Design a visual, using poster board, that accomplishes one of the following:

Day 1: Discussion and Assessment of  ”Strange Behavior” and “Life after Life”.

Day 2:  Classwork and Assessment

Day 3: Discussion and Assessment of ”Please Don’t Tell Me…” and “A Little Omniscience….”.

Day 4: Classwork and Assessment

Day 5: Discussion and Assessment of “The Nirvana Tape”, “The Death of the Man in the Dream”, and “Even a Solipsist…”.

Day 6: Classwork and Assessment

Day 7: Discussion and Assessment of “Another Pilgrim’s Progress”.