Steve Zimmerman
Blue Mountain High School
Teacher/Gifted Program Coordinator

Unit 12: Southeast Asia 

Unit Length: 11 days  Unit Points: 100  

Bold faced items will appear on the Unit Test. Items marked with * do not require oral assessment.  Students may only assess items given on each day.

Basic Layer (Maximum 80 points)

Day 1 - Geography 

V(8) _____ 1. Read textbook pages 249-253 on “Geography”. Answer 4 questions.

A(6) _____ 2. Lecture 1 - “Geography of Southeast Asia”. Answer 3 questions.

K(12)____  3. Make a three dimensional model of the region based upon the physical map found on page 251 of

Day 2 – Map Skills  

V(12) ____ 4. Southeast Asia Map. Answer 8 questions.

K(12)____  5. Use the Smartboard to draw and complete an unfinished map of Southeast Asia. Map will be

V(10) _____ 6. Nations Quizbowl. Answer 8 questions

Day 3 – Early Peoples

V(8) _____ 7. Read textbook pages 253 – 257 on “Early Peoples”. Answer 4 questions.

K(6) _____ 8. Construct a color-coded map of the “Early Kingdoms of Southeast Asia” using the information

A(8) _____ 9. Give a 1-2 minute lecture on two or more of the early peoples of Southeast Asia.

Day 4 – Patterns of Life    

V(8)_____ 10. Read the textbook pages 258-262 on “Patterns of life”. Draw up a list of at least 10

K(5)____   11. Demonstrate/teach me 10 acceptable/unacceptable behaviors from a nation of the region.

A(10)____ 12. Use the language disks and instruction sheet to learn a language from the region.

Day 5 – European influence

Day 6 – War in Southeast Asia  

V(8)_____ 16. Read textbook pages 275-280 on “War in Southeast Asia”. Answer 4 questions.

A(10)____ 17. Listen to the presentation “Vietnam Vets” and write down 5 things you learned about the war in

K(12)____ 18. Using information from pages 275-280, make a wordweb or mobile that both explains and

V(8) ____  19. Read textbook pages 283 – 287 on “Economic Development” and answer 4 questions.

V(10)____ 20. Watch the video “World’s Apart – Malaysia”. You may take notes to help you answer 4 teacher

K(10)____ 21. Make a poster that highlights the main ideas of pages 283-287. Include Economic Choices,

Day 9 – Unit Test

(30) _____ 24. Unit 12 Test.  

Day 10 – Intermediate Day. Choose 1 only. 10 points

1. In a group of 4 or less, prepare a meal from any nation in Southeast Asia. Demonstrate 6 eating/dining customs to the class. Each member should prepare a different part of the meal. Print out a copy of your recipes as proof that they are Southeast Asian.

2. Read page 295 in your textbook about the Indonesian Shadow Theatre. In a group of 3 or less, prepare a 3 to 5 minute play that teaches the class about some topic investigated during this unit.

3. Construct a 1 page poem that expresses the feelings of one of the following people – a Buddhist monk visiting the United States, a European explorer making first contact with the region, an elder seeing modern changes being brought to his village, a North Vietnamese soldier fighting in South Vietnam, a European businessman whose company is about to become nationalized by a SE Asian nation.

Day 11 – Advanced Day. Choose 1 only. 10 points.

1. Should the United States have gone to war over South Vietnam?

2. Democracy encourages ethnic division and disunity. Agree or Disagree? 

Grade Scale

F = 0 to 69

D = 70 to 75

C = 76 to 84

B = 85 to 92

A = 93 to 100