Social Studies – World History

Steve Ritter
Clinton High School
Clinton, Missouri

Unit 19 and 20: The Age of Exploration and the Americas – Unit Sheet 

Test Date: __1/23/09_   Name: ______________________________ 

C Layer: Choose your method to collect all 4 sections of notes. Then, choose 1 assignment from each objective. Due Date: __1/14/09___ 

_____ Listen to lecture and fill in notes each day.  

      Section 1: Audio – Text – Teacher Section 2: Audio – Text – Teacher 

      Section 3: Audio – Text – Teacher Section 4: Audio – Text - Teacher 

Objective 1: (Section 1 Notes) Outline the origins of the Age of Exploration 

_____ Write a 1 page report on the motivations for European exploration.  Be sure to include explorers and their accomplishments. OIS 

_____ Create a chart of the explorers involved in the Age of Exploration.  Include their accomplishments (what they did) and what their motivation was for exploration. 

Objective 2: (Section 2 Notes) Explain the effects of the European conquests and the colonization of the Americas. 

_____ Complete the OIS Forum prompt OIS 

_____ Write a letter to a friend from the viewpoint of the Native Americans. How did the Europeans affect your way of life? What did you witness the Europeans doing in the New World? RUBRIC OIS 

Objective 3: (Section 3 Notes) Outline the countries involved in exploration and their accomplishments 

_____ Outline the major countries involved in the Age of Exploration. Include their accomplishments, where they explored, colonies they established, etc. OIS 

Objective 4: (Section 3 Notes) Summarize the impact of the Columbian Exchange on trade. 

_____ Illustrate (draw, sketch, etc.) the items that went to/from Europe and the new world during the Columbian exchange.  Be prepared to share with the teacher the effects of the exchange. RUBRIC 

Objective 5: (Section 4 Notes) Describe the origins, causes, and effects of the Atlantic Slave Trade 

_____ Create a timeline on the development of the slave trade RUBRIC 

_____ Write a 5-7 sentence paragraph that explains how the Atlantic Slave trade began and what the effects were. OIS 

Objective 6: (All Sections) Key terms and people during the Age of Exploration 

_____ Complete the World History Jeopardy handout.  Complete a minimum of 20 questions with at least 3 coming from each of the four sections. You may need outside sources other than your textbook to answer questions.  

_____ Complete the OIS quiz over terms and people. OIS 

_____ Make flash-cards using 15 of the terms and people from the chapter (Hint: use terms and people from notes – that’s what will be on the test!) RUBRIC 

B Layer: Choose 2 assignments.  Due Date: _1/19/09__ 

_____ Create a 20 question test using the information from your notes.  

_____ Pretend you are a cook on a trip overseas.  Plan a day’s meals for the Captain and the crew.  What foods would you serve?  Select one, make from scratch, and bring to class! RUBRIC 

_____ Create a model of a ship used during exploration or during the slave trade.  Write a description of the parts of the ship. Explain how they were important to the voyage. 

_____ Write an obituary (in the proper format) for one of the explorers we discussed in class.  Conduct some extra research and outline how they died, their accomplishments, who they explored for, various facts about their life (birth, growing up, etc.) OIS 

_____ Pair up w/ one other person – create 5 open-ended interview questions to interview a person from this era (famous or not).  Act out this interview.  You will turn in a hard copy of the questions and responses (you must do this from memory, however). 

A Layer: Choose 1 assignment. Due Date: __1/21/09__ 

_____ Research modern day arguments for reparations for slavery – outline the concerns for each side and then write a summary of your thoughts. OIS 

_____ Synthesizing Essay: Predict how the world would be different had the New World been discovered by Asians instead of Europeans.  Cite at least 3 examples and use evidence to back your claims. OIS 

_____You are the editor of a newspaper.  Write two editorials: 1.Why you believe in the importance of overseas exploration; 2.The effects of the conquests and colonization of the Americas. OIS 

Parent Signature:  All assignments must have a grade before being signed. 

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