Social Studies – World History

Steve Ritter
Clinton High School
Clinton, Missouri

The Late Middle Ages – Unit Sheet 

Test Date: _11/25/08__   Name:______________________________ 

C Layer: Choose 1 assignment per objective.  Due Date: _11/17/08_ 

Objective 1 (Section 1 Notes): Compare and contrast the elements of the Magna Carta from its original purposes to the laws of the government of the United States today. 

_____ Create a venn-diagram that compares and contrasts the uses of the ideas in the Magna Carta today and in the past. 

_____ Write out an example of 3 reasons we need the concepts of the Magna Carta in our society today. 

_____ Primary Source Worksheet 

Objective 2 (Sections 1 and 2 Notes): Explain how tensions developed between the Pope and the HRE. 

_____ Diagram the conflicts of the Kings and the Popes during the Late Middle Ages.  Be sure to list points of conflict and opinions of each side. 

_____ Create a t-chart listing causes and effects relating to the conflicts between the Popes and HRE. 

Objective 3 (Section 3 Notes): Outline the results of the four major Crusades. 

_____ Write a letter to a friend that outlines to purpose and results of each of the four major Crusades. Rubric 

_____ Create a chart highlighting the 4 major crusades – those involved, why did it happen, etc. 

Objective 4 (Section 4 Notes): Explain the advancements in the culture in the late middle ages including education, literature, and religion. 

_____ Create a Web-chart that shows the changes happening in society. 

_____ List and describe 5 changes happening in the culture during this era. 

Objective 5 (Section 5 Notes): Explain the causes and results of the Black Death

_____ Sketch a drawing of what a snap-shot of the community during the Black Death 

_____ Teach another student about the causes and effects of the Black Death. Your grade will depend on what they know (no partners –ex: Bob teaches Joe, Joe cannot teach Bob) 


Objective 6 (All sections of notes): Students should know key terms and people related to the late middle ages. 

_____ Make flash-cards using 15 of the terms and people from the NOTES. RUBRIC 

______ Create a crossword puzzle using 15 key terms from Chapter 14 and have someone complete it. RUBRIC 

_____ Complete the quiz on OIS titled Ch. 14 Terms and People 

B Layer: Choose 2 assignments.  Due Date: _11/19/08__

_____ Write and perform a song or musical piece related to any of the objectives. Be prepared to share how the material relates to what you have written. RUBRIC 

_____ Write a story that about the deteriorating relationship between the Pope and the HRE. RUBRIC 

_____ Create a PowerPoint Presentation that compares the various crusades and their results.  Create a final slide where you evaluate and give your opinion (based on historical evidence) as to if they were successful or not. RUBRIC 

_____ In a group of no more than 4, create a TV commercial to be acted out LIVE in class where the group tries to sell the idea of the Magna Carta to the audience or they denounces it.  

_____ Knights of the Crusades wore Cruces/Crosses on their shield, armor, and over their heart to symbolize their loyalty to the Christianity. Using the Internet, articles, books, etc., research the origins of your family name. Create a shield or crest with a symbol(s) to represent your heritage or other symbols that represent what is important to you. 

A Layer: Choose 1 assignment. Due Date: _11/21/08_

      -All A layer assignments are minimum 1 page, 12pt font, double-spaced, Times New Roman font and should involve the student’s opinions and evidence or examples to back their claims (why they came to the decision they did) 

_____ What might the possible reactions be if the something like the Black Death were to happen in your community.  Be sure to explain if your community would respond the same as in the past or differently and why.  Who would they blame, or what explanations might they come up with? 

_____ Find any modern day Crusades? If so, what are the goals/purposes? 

_____ If you could add to the Magna Carta or the Constitution what might you add – what rights/privileges would you strive to ensure? 

Parent Signature: All points for the unit must be on the sheet before it is signed. 

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