Social Studies – World History

Steve Ritter
Clinton High School
Clinton, Missouri

The Middle Ages – Unit Sheet 

Test Date: ____________  Name:___________________________________ 

C Layer: Choose 1 Assignment for each objective.  Due Date: _______________ 

Objective 1: Explain how Charlemagne made his empire stronger, why it flourished, improvements he made, and why it fell so easily after his death. 

_____ Write a brief 1 page account of the life of Charlemagne.  Use your textbook and 1 other source as references. 

_____ Create a cause and effect T-chart for the events surrounding Charlemagne and why he made the changes he did. 

Objective 2: Outline the structure and purpose of Feudalism and of the Manor system. 

_____ Create a chart using computer paper that illustrates the feudal system (class set-up) of the Middle Ages.  Be sure to include key terms in the chart RUBRIC 

_____ Write a 1 paragraph narrative from the perspective of one of the classes.  Explain your role in society and how you would interact with the other classes. 

_____ Complete the questions from the textbook at the end of chapter 13 section 2. 

Objective 3: Summarize the roles and lifestyles of knighthood and women during the Middle Ages including the code of chivalry.  

_____ Group activity after lecture 

Objective 4: Outline the structure and influence of the Catholic Church and its relationship with the Holy Roman Empire. 

_____ Create a T-chart that summarizes the two different roles of women in the Medieval Church. 

_____ Write a letter to Abbott Berno explaining why you agree or disagree with the changes that were being made in the church. 

_____ Draw a sketch examining the Medieval Church and be able to explain how the images reflect specific aspects of the Church. 

Objective 5: Review the changes happening in society during the Middle Ages including the economy and social changes. 

_____ Complete the online forum prompt.  

_____ List and describe 5 changes happening in the economy or society during this era. 

Objective 6: Students should know key terms and people related to the Middle Ages. 

_____ Create a crossword puzzle using 15 key terms from Chapter 13 and have someone try to complete it. 

_____ Make flash-cards using 15 of the terms and people from the chapter RUBRIC 

_____ Take the online quiz in OIS and re-take it until you get 100%. 

B Layer: Choose 2 assignments to complete.  Due Date: ________________ 

_____ Knighthood came with certain responsibilities and duties.  Create a short story or children’s book that outlines the responsibilities and duties of knights including codes of chivalry. 

_____ Apply what you know about the Medieval Church and the people involved. Create a fictional profile of a monk or nun during this period outlining what they would probably do.  Think along the lines of MySpace or Facebook. 

_____ Create a PowerPoint Presentation that outlines the structure and roles of the Church and its influence and its relationship with the Holy Roman Empire. RUBRIC 

_____ Research a play, song, or speech/monologue from the Middle Ages (check with Mr. Ritter if unsure).  Prepare a performance with no more than 1 other person for the class. RUBRIC 

_____ With a partner, create a board game using the terms and people from this unit. RUBRIC 

_____ Create a poster that compares and contrasts Charlemagne and the changes he made in society to another “change-agent” in the last 100 yrs. 

A Layer: Choose 2 assignments to complete. Due Date: _______________ 

_____ What major changes are happening in our society and our economy that may affect us for 100 years? 

_____ Agree or Disagree: “The Catholic Church during the Middle Ages was just as much a political power as a religious power.”  Be sure to include evidence for both sides and to support your opinion.   

_____ Are there any modern day “knights” and is there still a code of chivalry? 

Parent Signature: Extra credit if this is signed after all assignments have a grade.   

Signature: ________________________________  Date: ____________________