Social Studies – World History

Steve Ritter
Clinton High School
Clinton, Missouri

The Muslim World (Chapter 10) – Unit Sheet 

Name: ______________________________________  Test Date: _________________ 

Grading Scale:

C Layer: Introducing the material and gaining a basic knowledge. Due Date: ____________

Day 1: Grade: _____

Objective: The Five Pillars of Islam and how they relate to the student’s religious beliefs. 


Day 2: Grade: _____

Objective: The four classes within Muslim society and how they are set-up. 


Day 3: Grade: _____

Objective: Terms and People core to the religion of Islam. 


Day 4: Grade: _____

Objective: The role of women in Muslim society and explain how the role of women has changed for today’s society. 


Day 5: Grade: _____

Objective: How Muslim society promoted the expansion of trade, economics, and other aspects of society that are still used today. 


Day 6 and 7: Grade: ______

Objective: The six core religions of the world and how they compare to one another. Required assignment for all students: 


B Layer: Utilizing the class material that has been learned. Due Date: ___________________

Day 8, 9, and 10: Choose 2 activities/assignments to complete. Grades: _____ _____


A Layer: Expanding on what you have learned and higher-order thinking. Due Date: _____________

Day 11 and 12: Choose 1 assignment to complete. Grade: _____


Students are required to involve parents in their education. Students will have parents sign their unit sheets after the A Layer has been graded.

Parent Signature: _________________________________ Date: ____________ 

**Parents/guardians with questions can contact Mr. Ritter at or 885-2247 ext. 211. His plan period is from Noon-1pm daily to meet in person or accept/return phone calls.