American History

Steve Ritter
Clinton High School
Clinton, Missouri

Unit 22: The Progressive Era 

Name: ______________________________  Test Date: _____________ 

C Layer: Choose 1 assignment for each objective.  Due Date: __________ 

Objective 1: Students should know about the origins and beliefs of Progressivism. (Notes Section1): Choose 1 assignment:  

_____ List and describe the key beliefs of the Progressives. 

_____ Complete the questions out of the textbook Chapter 22 Section 1. 

Objective 2: Students should know about the major reforms and changes made during the Progressive Era. (Notes Section 2): Choose 1 assignment:  

_____ Go to the following website and complete the activity. However, choose 2 problems/areas of reform to describe and explain. Turn in to OIS. 

_____ List and describe 3 reforms discussed in this lesson you believe to be the most in need at the time.  Evaluate if we still need further reforms in these areas today. 

Objective 3: Students should understand how third political parties effect elections and the government. (Notes Section 3): Choose 1 assignment:  

_____ Group activity after lecture 

Objective 4: Students will know about the Women’s Suffrage movement and how women gained the right to vote in the U.S. (Textbook Ch. 22 Section 4): Choose 1: 

_____With a partner, create a timeline from the section that includes all major people and events.  Then, write a summary of how the 19th Amendment was passed. 

_____Go to the following website and complete a 1 page summary of the women involved in the movement and what it took to pass the 19th Amendment. Turn in to OIS. 

Objective 5: Students will understand what minorities were experiencing during the Progressive Era of the early 1900s. (Notes Section 5): Choose 1 assignment:  

_____ Go to the following website and complete the activity. After completing the activity, take notes about what you learned about the views of each man and provide an oral report to the teacher. 

_____ Write a letter to a friend as if you were a minority living in the country during this time.  What experiences are you having and what challenges do you face? 

Objective 6: Students will know key terms and people related to the Progressive Era of the early 1900s. (All Sections): Choose 1 assignment:  

_____ Go to the following website and take the quiz. Re-take the quiz until you get 100%. Notify the teacher and share what you learned. (Must be done in class) 

_____ Complete the study guide (Box 1 next to filing cabinet) 

_____ Take the Chapter 22 Quiz in OIS until you get 100%. 

B Layer: Choose 2 assignments to complete. Due Date: _____________ 

_____ Create a 2 page worksheet that covers the objectives of this unit. 

_____ With a partner, prepare a PowerPoint presentation that provides possible solutions to 3 problems addressed by the Progressives.  Explain the problems and how you would address them. 

_____ With a partner: one person is a business owner, one person is a consumer.  In an oral presentation to the teacher explain why you would be for or against all the changes and investigations being implemented by the Progressives. 

_____ Create a board game that highlights terms, people, and key concepts from the unit. 

A Layer: Choose 2 assignments to complete. Due Date: _____________ 

_____ What are 2 areas that we need reform in our society today?  Outline your own plan for fixing these problems. 

_____ If you could write the requirements for people to have the right to vote what requirements would you make and why? 

_____ Research a presidential candidate for this election who is not a Republican or Democrat. What impact do you believe they will have on this election? 

_____ Find news articles about 2 reforms or changes being made in the business world. Explain the background of each and why you think the reform is or isn’t important for our society. 

Parent Signature: Extra Credit for parent signature after all assignments are graded. 

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