Social Studies – World History

Steve Ritter
Clinton High School
Clinton, Missouri

The Renaissance and Reformation – Unit Sheet 

Test Date: ____________   Name: ______________________________ 

C Layer: Choose 1 assignment per objective in addition to the required assignment in objective 2. Due Date: __________ 

Objective 1 (Section 1 Notes): Describe the foundations of the Renaissance including how Leonardo da Vinci was the “Ideal Renaissance Man.” 

_____ Write a 1 page paper on Leonardo da Vinci.  Research another famous person that you feel contributed to society during that time as much as da Vinci did during the Renaissance. Explain their accomplishments and how they fit in the Renaissance. 

_____ Complete the worksheet over the Renaissance (will need textbook) 

_____ Textbook page 422 #1, 3, 4 

Objective 2 (Section 2 Notes): Compare and contrast the styles and influences of the Italian Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance. 

_____ Create a chart using computer paper that compares and contrast the styles, influence, and artists of the Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance.  RUBRIC 

_____ Textbook page 427 

_____ *Required*Summarize in writing how the printing press was invented, who invented it, and why it was being used.  How did it effect religion? 

Objective 3 (Section 3 Notes): Summarize the origins of the Catholic Reformation  

_____ Write a letter to a friend telling them what you have learned about Martin Luther and what is happening. Choose one other Protestant movement from the lesson to include in the letter as well. RUBRIC 

_____ Create a poster to be hung in class that demonstrates the origins of the Reformation RUBRIC 

Objective 4 (Section 4 Notes): Explain the events surrounding the English Reformation and be able to relate it to what was learned in previous units. 

_____ Create a flow chart over the progression of the English Reformation. RUBRIC 

_____ Primary Source Worksheet: Report on the English Reformation 


Objective 5 (Section 5 Notes): Outline the advancements in science during this era. 

_____ Create a mobile over at least 3 major scientific discoveries of the Ren. & Ref. 

_____ Complete the online forum 

Objective 6 (All Sections): Students should know key terms and people related to the Renaissance and Reformation.  

_____ Flashcards RUBRIC 

_____ OIS Quiz (re-take until you get 100% or take highest grade you get) 

_____ Create a chart of 15 terms and people FROM THE NOTES 

B Layer: Choose 2 assignments.  Due Date: __________ 

_____ Prepare a food or drink native to this time period.  Along with the food, bring in the recipe describing how you prepared it and a description of how it fit into this time period. RUBRIC 

_____ In a group of no more than 4, create a video news program (3 minutes minimum) that shares the cultural aspects of the Renaissance and/or the Reformation.  This can refer back to the church, technology, people, the arts, etc. This should be recorded to be played back on television for the class RUBRIC 

_____ With no more than one other person, prepare a speech, presentation of a document, or scene from a play that was written during this period. RUBRIC 

_____ Create a review activity for this unit. The best idea from each class will be selected to be presented and the author will receive a bonus. BE ORIGINAL!! RUBRIC 

A Layer: Choose 1 assignment. Due Date: __________ 

_____ Do you think more Protestant Churches are being or could be formed today? 

_____ Create your own work of art using similar influences from the Renaissance.  On the back, prepare 1-2 paragraphs to explain your artwork and how it is influenced by themes of the Renaissance. RUBRIC 

_____ The printing press was a valuable invention. Analyze two recent inventions (last 10-20 years) that have changed our lives.  Compare and contrast the effects of the printing press. 

Parent Signature: The total points for the unit must be on the sheet before it is signed. 

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