Steve Zimmerman
Blue Mountain High School
Teacher/Gifted Program Coordinator

Unit 5: Theatre


Unit Length:  7 days        Unit Value:  110 points

Grade Scale:  C = 83 - 92   B = 93 - 101  A = 102 - 110

Basic Level
Note - 70 points maximum allowed in Basic Level. Items in bold will appear on Unit Test. Items marked * do not require oral assessment.

(9)   _____ 2. Lecture 1 – “The evolution and purpose of Theatre.” Answer 3 teacher

Intermediate Level

Note – Due by Final Day of Unit. A maximum of 95 points may be amassed between Basic and Intermediate Level.

(20) _____  2. Opera recasting project. See worksheet.


Advanced Level

Note – Due by end of Marking Period.

Unit 5: Theatre Schedule

Day 1: Lecture 1  - “Evolution and Purpose of Theatre”, Lecture 2 – “Theatre Greats”

Day 2: Assessment

Day 3: Opera

Day 4: Assessment

Day 5: Hoopla Activity

Day 6: Improvisational Theatre

Day 7: Assessment

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