Choice Magazine Assignment

A = 40 Basic points + “B” Project + “A” Project (at least 40 points)

B = 30 Basic points + “B” or “A” Project (at least 20 points)

C = 25 Basic points + “B” or “A” Project (at least 10 points)

D = 20 Basic points

Due Date Tuesday May 9, 2006 

C Layer: Earn up to 40 points from this layer to earn the points you want.

Draw and name the product/service/topic you have selected. 5 pts
Label 5 features or points of this product/service or topic 5 pts
Orally tell me or show me three features or points 5 pts
Discuss with a classmate the cost of using this product or service to you and or society. 5 pts
Use a coat hanger, string and other materials to create a mobile that identifies the various ways this product or service would be used.  Or the ways this topic effect people. Present to me. 10 points
Create Vocabulary Flash cards using the terms in the article and demonstrate knowledge of 3 flash cards (my choice) Maximum 10 cards 2 points each

B Layer: Choose up to 20 points in this layer. 

Would this product or service be suitable for those with limited money? Is it essential for most people? Survey 5 people in the class about whether they would consider buying it. Present your results in a short table. 10 points
Work out mathematically the cost of using this product/service over a 10 year period. Approximately what income would be required to do this if you had two teenage children to support. Would there be any cost to your health, or the environment?Orally tell me. 10 pts
Create a colourful poster to illustrate the main features of the article. Show the criteria for judging the product or service. 10 points

A Layer: Choose up to 20 points from this layer. 

Survey 5 class members to see what they would require in your product or service. Design a similar product or service with improvements. Present in a labelled sketch or short essay. 20 points
Critically look at this product/service, is it valuable in the long run (over 3 years) for our environment?  Does this product/service or feature have negative effects on the user or society.  Present your opinion in  diagram or poster or cartoon, or song, or poem or short talk: to the class or orally to me or three other students. 20 points
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