Sue Rodgers
Cottrell's Cove Academy


Due Oct 11th.

Dracula Unit

Name:______________________ Date Passed In:

Section 1 - Earn a grade of “C” - 70 points

Required - read the book for 35 points. After reading, students will conference with the teacher and discuss a part of the book. Students who have been paying

attention to the book will be able to discuss it and earn all the points. Students who have not been paying attention will not be able to complete this

assignment and earn all of the points. Points are earned for your participation.

_____ Reading points earned

Your choice - Choose any of these assignments for a maximum of 35 points. You may work with a partner, but each of you must explain on your own,

what you have learned from each assignment in order to earn the points.

Get creative, and use your imagination! Full credit given for work that shows good effort and creativity. Fast and sloppy work will not get full credit.

_____ Tell me 10 things about the author.  Get 5 pieces of the info from somewhere other than the book jacket. (5 pts)

_____ Create a vocabulary word bank of 20 “new to you” words.  Include a definition and use the word in a sentence made up of your own words. (10 pts)

_____Rewrite a chapter of the book in modern language and slang.  It should be sentence for sentence. (20 pts)

_____Do a written or verbal description of one of the characters.  Include a drawing of the character as you imagine them. (10 pts)

_____Tape or write a 5m summary of the book.  Be sure to hit only the key points to the plot. (10 pts)

_____Alone or with a partner, act out a scene of the book that is key to the plot. (10pts)

Section 2 - Earn a grade of “B” or “A” - Choose two assignments for a “B” grade.  You must have completed all of the C unit to move on to this level.

_____Compare and contrast the book with the movie. (10 pts)

_____Make a complete family tree for each of the stories main characters. (10 pts)

_____Discuss the myth of the Vampire and what you think caused us to think vampires exist. (15 pts)

_____Compare Lucy Westerna to a modern day woman (Britney Spears, Pink, Tyra Banks).  List the similarities and differences (10 pts)

_____How do you think Johnathan Harker escaped Castle Dracula? (10 pts)

_____Research information on Vlad the Impaler.  Give 5 reasons why it is believed that Dracula's character was based on him.  Do you agree or disagree? (10 pts)

A Level:  Choose 1 for an A grade.

_____ Discuss the reach of Stoker's influence with the character Dracula.  Discuss modern day media, culture, and social groups that can be linked to this novel. (10pts)

_____ Mina Harker was throwback to cultural norms for women in her time period.  Discuss historical changes in the role of women and how Mina and women like her contributed. (10pts)

_____Discuss the Vampire culture in our society.  Research information on the health risks of drinking blood, their belief system, and some of the myths and realities of this culture.  Compare and contrast this culture to Goth culture. (10pts) 

Parent Signature _______________________________________________________ (10 pts)

Total score for this unit _________________

Grade earned ____________ 

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