Microsoft Publisher Assignment ITB

Master Sets

Sue Taylor
Horsham College

A = 40 “C” Basic points + “B” Project + “A” Project (at least 40 points from A + B= 80+points.

B = 30 “C” Basic points + “B” or “A” Project (at least 20 points) = 50 +

C = 25 “C” Basic points + “B” or “A” Project (at least 10 points) = 35 +

D = 20 “C” Basic points

Due Date          Label all work either C1, B1 or A1 etc.

C layer is basic, B layer applies the information, and A layer analyses information.

Everyone is asked to do all three layers.

C Layer Basic points

Open Microsoft Publisher/new publication/personal stationery sets or master sets

C1. Produce a personal business card, any style. 5 pts
C2.Label 3 features of this business card 5 pts
C3.Orally* tell me or show me three features or points 5 pts
C4.Discuss with a classmate why people use business cards.  Do they have a cost to you or society? 5 pts
C5.Create four of the following, a personal letterhead, calendar, “with compliments” card, birthday invitation 10 points
C6.Create Vocabulary Flash cards** on the meaning of these words. Stationery, stationary, personal, Letterhead, options, calendar, invoice, quote, brochure, newsletter, flyer, “With compliments card”, complements.  Demonstrate knowledge of 3 flash cards (my choice) Maximum 10 cards 2 points each x 10

Max. 20 pts.


*Orally – use my name and face contact  “Mrs Taylor could I  . . . . . . . . . . . . “

**Using Word/Table set up 10 flash cards to the page.  Type the word, have its meaning, and a simple graphic to illustrate.  Put the graphic in a text box. You can cut up the printed page or leave it whole.

B Layer

B1.Find a quote form.  Fill it out for a builder in the phone book and print. Tell me why a builder would use this form. Would this form be suitable for those with limited money? Is it essential for most people? Survey 5 people in the class about whether, they would consider using it if they had a business. Present your results in a short table, printed out and pasted on the back of the form. 10 points
B2.Produce a flyer about a business in the yellow pages. Orally present it to me. 10 pts
B3.Create an easy website page for a business in the phonebook. Print out and show to five people in the class. Would they consider using a site like this. Present your results in a short table printed out and pasted on the back of the website. 10 points


A Layer: Choose up to 20 points from this layer. 

Survey 5 class members to see what they would require in a advertising brochure about their family business. Design a brochure with improvements. Present in a printout. 20 points
Your name. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Write down your results in the table below and hand in with your printouts. Please arrange in order C, B, A. and staple or clip together with this sheet at the front.Critically look at all the different design sets in Publisher, are they valuable in the long run (over 3 years) for our environment?  Do any of these forms have negative effects on the user or society.  Present your opinion in a flyer or short essay or poster or cartoon, or song, or poem or short talk: to the class or orally to me or three other students.
20 points
C I finished                                                 =               points
B      “                                                           =              points
A       “                                                          =              points
Total                                                                                     points

Produce two different styles of Resume in Publisher.  Set five criteria for judging the resumes and get five students to look at both. Present the results in a table printed out and stapled to the resumes.   Each resume worth 10 points, table worth five.


How many lessons did you take to do this assignment?

How do you feel you went in this assignment? 

Suggestions for improvement.

Do you like work presented in this way?

Was three weeks enough time for you?

Further comments. 

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