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Sumer - Ch. 2 Sec 3

Joyelle Audie , 8th grade World History and English

Pizitz Middle School, Vestavia Hills, AL

Layered Homework Options - Ch.2, Sec. 3 - Sumer

This homework unit is for section three of our textbook.

You can only earn the maximum amount of points in each section. You may not do extra for bonus.

All layers must be complete by date that is given.

The points shown are the maximum of points an assignment may many points the assignment actually gets depends on the quality of the work and your ability to answer assessment questions.

Mandatory Level - 40 points

Work must be completed and turned in by Friday, 9-26-2003.


Section 3 Review Questions 1-7 on page 36 in your text book


Outline of Section 3, pages 31-36 and Guide for Reading Questions, page 31 in book, including vocabulary.

(Each boldfaced heading in the section should be supported with two to three good supporting details from the section.)

Level C - Choose 30 points from below

Work must be completed by Wednesday, 9-24-2003.


* 20 pts. 1. Make a clay tablet and write on it with cuneiform symbols while

still soft. Bake your tablet in the sun or have it fired.

* 15 pts. 2. Show by cartoon the history of Sumer.

* 10 pts. 3. Find three interesting or unusual facts about Mesopotamia. Illustrate on plain paper. Keep wording to a minimum. Print carefully. Color the illustration. Mount on poster.

* 10 pts. 4. Write a short report - "I Learned to Write in Clay." School days in Babylonia.

* 5 pts. 5. Complete a chart that shows the challenges and solutions of the Sumerians. Must be presented on poster or large construction paper.

* 15 pts. 6. Pick two Sumerian inventions and write a television commercial script for it. Must include a picture of the invention as well as a illustration of what the billboard would look like.

* 5 pts. 7. Illustrate the social ranking of Sumer.

Level B - Choose 20 points from below

Work must be completed and turned in by Friday, 9-26-2003


* 20 pts. 8. Recite and dramatize at least ten lines of Epic of Gilgamesh.

* 15 pts. 9. Build a ziggurat.

* 15 pts. 10. Design the shrine of a ziggurat.

* 15 pts. 11. The sundial is an invention from Mesopotamia. Construct one.

There are several types. A sundial is made up of two parts, dial face and gnomon. Remember the angular elevation of the edge of the gnomon must be equal to the latitude of your location. You should be able to find more information on the Internet.

* 15 pts. 12. Resolve the following debate with a partnermake notes of

arguments. The are of writing has done more to aid civilizations

progress than printing, the radio, television, or computer.

* 5 pts. 13. Write a short report on one of the following topics:

- "I Was A Girl Friday in Sumer" - Some women held the position of scribes or secretaries. Describe the woman's role in Sumer.

- " The Rock of Behistun" - Ashurbanipal's library22,000 clay tablets.

- "BLUB-BLUB-BL---"- A weatherman reports the great flood.

A Level - Choose 10 points from below

Work must be completed and graded by Monday, 9-29-2003


* 5 pts. Answer one of the following questions in a well developed


Ashurbanipal's library of 22,000 clay tablets tells about the life and culture of Mesopotamia. What if the United States could be completely destroyed and then, perhaps thousands of years later, archaeologists should discovers the Library of Congress in a fair state of preservation. What would scientists and historians be able to tell about the United States?

How did a system of writing help to advance the Sumerian civilization?

Explain how the geography of the Fertile Crescent is responsible for the civilization of the Sumers.

* 10 pts. Design a model of a Sumerian civilization.

Sumer, Ch. 2, Section 3, Grade Sheet


Outline ___ or Section Review ___ 40 pts. ___________

Level C: 30 points, 9-24-2003

1. Clay tablet 20 pts. ___________

2. Cartoon 15 pts. ___________

3. Unusual facts 10 pts. ___________

4. Report 10 pts. ___________

5. Chart 5 pts. ___________

6. Sumerian inventions 15 pts. ___________

7. Social ranking 5 pts. ___________

Level B: 20 points, 9-26-2003

8. Gilgamesh 20 pts. ___________

9. Ziggurat 15 pts. ___________

10. Shrine 15 pts. ___________

11. Sundial 15 pts. ___________

12. Debate 15 pts. ___________

13. Report 5 pts. ___________

Level A: 10 points, 9-29-2003

Essay 5 pts. ____________

5 pts. ____________

Sumerian model 10 pts. ____________

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