Honors Biology

Ms. Tanya Stearney
Lansing, IL

Unit 4: DNA and RNA

Chapter 12: DNA and RNA 

**Required Assignments

C-Layer ( pts min. / pts max.) – DUE 2/5

Complete 7 additional assignments to complete your C-Layer. ( 8 assign. total) 

Assignment Possible Received
** Gene to Protein WebQuest – due day of lesson 5  
Chapter 12 Choice – section outlines/section questions 10  
Flashcards - Chapter 12 Vocabulary (use terms in textbook) 10  
Chapter 12 Assessment (p. 315 #1-25 ) 10  
Make a concept map of DNA with at least 10 concepts 10  
Make a 20 question quiz or worksheet w/answers (on separate page) about DNA/RNA. Be sure to incorporate 3 different types of questions. 10  
Create a flowchart on Protein Synthesis – describe the steps of transcription and translation in the correct sequence in which they occur 10  
Draw a DNA molecule (use computer paper) – be sure to include all parts of the molecule - must color and label all parts 10  
Create a flip book of pages of sequential drawings that demonstrate DNA Replication – show DNA unzipping, nucleotides bonding and formation of 2 DNA molecules - must be in color and include labels 15  
Construct a foldable on Protein Synthesis – make a 6 tab foldable (use 3 sheets of paper) – begin at the top and sequence the steps of translation 10  
Draw the steps of DNA Replication as separate diagrams (use computer paper) – must be in color and label all parts 10  
Construct a 3-D DNA double helix molecule – be creative and please NO food items that spoil! 20  
Complete worksheet “DNA – double helix” 5  
Complete worksheet “Coding DNA”” 5  
Complete worksheet “Protein Synthesis” 5  


** DNA Extraction Lab


** Coding DNA Activity

Date Tentative Schedule
1/23 “Genes to Proteins” WebQuest
1/24 Goal #1: DNA Structure
1/25 Goal #2: DNA Replication

C-Layer Work

1/28 B-Layer: DNA Extraction Lab
1/29 Goals 1 & 2 Quiz

Start Goal #3: Protein Synthesis

1/30 Finish Goal #3: Protein Synthesis
1/31 B-Layer: “Coding DNA” Activity

C-Layer Work

2/1 Goal #4: Mutations and Gene Regulation
2/4 C-Layer Work
2/5 *C-Layer Due*

Review – “Codon” Bingo/Jeopardy

2/6 Chapter 12 Test
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