Tectonic Plates (5th Grade)
by Erica Reyna

Student Name: ___________________                        Due Date: ___________________

Section I: Layer C                                                                                                        65 Points

1.      Listen to lesson and take notes each day. 1 2 3 4 5 (5 points/day)

2.      Read the chapter and answer the questions at the end. (10 points if you choose your own questions, 15 points my choice)

3.      Create flashcards for all terms. (10 points)

4.      Watch a video on tectonic plates. Take notes and give an oral summary. (10 points)

5.      With a partner, group, or by yourself design a Power Point presentation that describes how the Earth’s plates move. (15 points)

6.      Participate in labs. 1 2 3 4 5 (5 points/day)

7.      Complete the “Tectonic Plates” worksheet packet. (10 points)

8.      Write a paragraph describing what tectonic plates are and what happens when they shift. (10 points)

9.      Watch a short video and answer questions at the end. (10 points)

10.  Complete a cause and effect graphic organizer. (10 points)

11.  Find a current article that talk about tectonic plates and the effects that it has on the environment. Give summary (10 points)

Section II: Layer B                                Choose only one                                           15 Points

1.      Evaluate the tectonic plate models using the evaluation sheet and write down what you observed in each model.

2.      Design a project plan that would show the different ways the Earth’s plates move. You will use the following materials to help you: chunks of clay, plastic knife, and foil sheets.

3.      Complete an investigation on why tectonic plates move and what effects they create.

4.      Go to http://emvc.geol.ucsb.edu/forteachers/flashmovies/Pangea.swf this is a movie showing how the plates looked around 150 million years ago, when all the continents were together forming the “supercontinent” Pangea, and how the plates moved through time to their present configuration. What continents did North America used to be attached to during Pangea time? Write a one page paper.


Section III: A Layer Choose only one 20 points
1. What are igneous rocks used for? Are they used in your home, materials, buildings etc.?
2. How are igneous rocks a value to the scientist?
3. Where in Texas can you find igneous rock? Name the type of igneous rock it is.

Grades: 40-55= D 56-70= C 71-85= B 86+ = A

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(Signature and phone worth 5 points in level "C")