Tiffany Seguire
Grade 12
Perth, ON Canada

Global Issues Unit Assignment


For this unit each student will be looking deeper into a controversial or global issue.  You may check the document titled (ENG 4E Global Issues Ideas) if you are having trouble thinking of an issue.  With your issue you will be completing multiple projects that will help you discover more about your topic as well as learn many important skills. 

Due Date:  May 1, 2007 

Step One:  Choose one global issue that you feel strongly about or are interested in finding out more about. 

Step Two:  Complete five “Level 3” activities. 

Step Three:  Complete three “Level 2” activities. 

Step Four:  Complete one “Level 1” activity. 

Step Five:  Complete a title page and table of contents for your project. 

Step Six:  Hand in your project to Miss Seguire by the due date. 

Level 3 Activities 


Level 2 Activities 


Level 1 Activities 

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