Introduction to Business—Third MP

Tom Benton
Davison High School
Davison, Michigan


#9 Advertising

Your Name:


Identify different types of media

Understand AIDA and its impact on ad layouts

Know advantages and disadvantages of each advertising media

Understand factors in the cost of advertising 

Possible points for this unit: 5 days = 110 points 

C Level:  no more than 80 points                                                                                       

  Bell Ringer promptly finished (1 pt each)                      M     T   W         T        F                                                                                             
  Listen to lecture & take notes each day (5 pt each)            26      27      28      29     30  
  Make vocabulary cards for terms on page 222 in text, be able to define 3 to teacher   (10 points)                                                                                                                         
  Complete review questions 11-20, page 223 in text.  Write in complete sentences, teacher will ask you to answer 2  questions (10 points)  
  Complete Word Search/True/False , page 93 & 94 in workbook. (10 points)  
  Ad Search 1:  find newspaper/magazine advertisement that targets each of these groups:  parents with babies, child safety, health, teenagers, recent married, and senior citizen (10 points)  
  Develop a list of 20 current advertising slogans and/or commercial jingles that are repeated so often that they stick in your mind.  Match with product or service that they promote (10 points)  
  Develop a PowerPoint poster that explains the AIDA formula (10 points)  
  Professional Conduct:          -5                         -3                           -1 10

B Level: no more than 20 points

  Complete “Spending on TV Advertising,” page 95 in workbook (10 points)  
  Ad Search 2: find newspaper/magazine advertisements that promotes a “cause”, a brand name, another state, a movie, a new CD/DVD, a special sale, and a college (10 points)  
  Ad Search 3:  find newspaper/magazine advertisements that have layouts that emphasizes:  large headline, large photo, lots of copy, and large logo  

A Level: no more than 10 points

  Ad Search Report:  compile newspaper/magazine ads from 3 searches into a 17 page scrapbook with a typed cover.  (10 points)  

This sheet must be complete by end of class on Friday, March 30.

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