Introduction to Business—Third MP

Tom Benton
Davison High School
Davison, Michigan


#4 Business Cycle

Your Name:


Understand phrases of business cycle

Know benefits of a growing economy 

Possible points for this unit: 4days = 84 points 

C Level:  no more than 64 points                                                                                       

  Bell Ringer promptly finished (1 pt each)                               T      W        TH       F                                                                                             
  Listen to lecture & take notes each day (5 pt each                    20      21       22   23  
  Develop a PowerPoint poster that explains the 4 business cycles(10 points)                                                                                                                         
  Go to, click on Intro to Business 2003 edition, student section, career info, and complete “Learning Style Inventory”  Print results and share with teacher.  (10 points)  
  Make 5 Vocabulary cards: for “business cycle”, and the 4 stages, teacher will ask you to define three terms  (10 points)  
  Compile a list of 10 economic indicators that would show that an economy is improving(10 points)  
  Interview a parent and ask them how they would handle a serious turn-down (recession) in the economy (10 points)  
  Professional Conduct:          -5                         -3                           -1 10

B Level: no more than 10 points

  Complete “Writing Skills 1 & 2, page 19 in workbook (10 points)  
  Research and report the economic cycles that a foreign country has had in the last 10 years. (10 points.)  
  Read and summarize a current periodical report on business conditions, attach a copy of the article.  Summarize key points to teacher (10 points)  

A Level: no more than 10 points

  Develop a 5 slide PowerPoint presentation on the business cycles (10 points)  
  How confident are consumers?  Find the current results of the University of Michigan’s survey of consumer confidence.  Type a 1-page report. (10 points)  

This sheet must be complete by end of class on Friday, Feb 23.

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