Introduction to Business—Third MP 

Tom Benton
Davison High School
Davison, Michigan


#6 Business Ownership & Operations

Your Name:


Know types of business ownership

Describe alternative ways to do business

Identify types of business

Prepare a parent memo for next Monday’s Parent Teacher Conference 

Possible points for this unit: 5days = 110 points 

C Level:  no more than 80 points                                                                                       

  Bell Ringer promptly finished (1 pt each)                  M       T       W        TH         F                                                                                             
  Listen to lecture & take notes each day (5 pt each)      5             6       7            8         9  
  Complete Review questions 16-23 from text page 95.  Be able to answer 3 questions asked by teacher (10 points)                                                                                                                         
  Complete pages 35 in workbook (10 points)  
  Complete page 36 in workbook, must redo until all correct (10 points)  
  Make 6 Vocabulary cards for terms found on page 84 in text, teacher will ask you to define three terms  (10 points)  
  Return your signed progress report by Thursday (10 points), by Friday (5 pts.)  
  Complete a PowerPoint poster that highlights one of the types of ownership(10 points)  
  Professional Conduct:          -5                         -3                           -1 10

B Level: no more than 20 points

  Complete “Franchises,” page 37 in workbook (10 points)  
  Complete “Buying a Franchise,” page 39 in workbook (10 points.)  
  Research and compile a typed list of our country’s largest corporations(10 points)  

A Level: no more than 10 points

  Interview a small business owner about their type of ownership, questions should be approved by teacher before doing interview.  Type a   one-page report. (10 points)  
  Complete “Types of Business Ownership,” page 38 in workbook, then type results into a table using Word (10 points)  

This sheet must be complete by end of class on Friday, March 9, 2007

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