Introduction to Business Careers—Third MP 

Tom Benton
Davison High School
Davison, Michigan


#2 Economy

Your Name:


Know four factors of production

Identify differences between market and command economies

Understand advantages of a mixed economy

Know the three basic economic questions 

Possible points for this unit: 5days = 110 points 

C Level:  no more than 80 points                                                                                       

  Bell Ringer promptly finished (1 pt each)                    M       T       W        TH      F                                                                                             
  Listen to lecture & take notes each day (5 pt each)          5        6       7     8        9  
  Answer questions 14-22, page 31 from text in your notebook (10 points)

Write in complete sentences.

  Complete “Matching & M/C,” pages 7 & 8 in workbook (10 points)  
  Develop a poster that highlights how a market economy answers the 3 economic questions (10 points)  
  Make Vocabulary cards for key terms, page 30, teacher will ask you to define three terms (10 points)  
  SPIRIT WEEK!  (   )  Wear ugly shirt and tie on Tuesday (5 points)

                              (   )  Wear red and pink on Thursday (5 points)

  Select a major item (prom dress, class ring, jacket, etc.) you would like to buy, use the 5 steps decision-making process (page 8 in text) in a chart. (10 points)  
  Professional Conduct:          -5                         -3                           -1 10

B Level: no more than 20 points

  Complete “Factors of Production,”  page 9 from workbook (10 points)  
  Complete “Nuclear Power,” page 12 from workbook (10 points)  
  Read and use highlighter for key points for Russia’s Middle Class, page 10 in workbook, complete page 11. (10 points)  

A Level: no more than 10 points

  Develop a 5 question survey to determine how much students understand about our economic system, distribute to 10 students in other classes, compile results (10 points)  
  Type a 1-page paper that answers the question:  “How does supply and demand impact the price of gasoline?”  Find at least 1 recent source (newspaper or internet) and interview at least 2 adults for your research.  (10 points)  

This sheet must be complete by end of class on Friday, Feb 9th .

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