Introduction to Business Careers—Third MP 

Tom Benton
Davison High School
Davison, Michigan


#3 Measuring Economic Activity

Your Name:


Define GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

Identify how economic activity is measured

Explain how inflation and deflation work 

Possible points for this unit: 4days = 94 points 

C Level:  no more than 74 points                                                                                       

S Bell Ringer promptly finished (1 pt each)                      M         T      W        TH       T
  Listen to lecture & take notes each day (5 pt each)            12     13       14        15       
  Answer questions 13-18, page 45 from text in your notebook (10 points)                                                                                                                         
  Compile a list of the nations with the highest GDP (10 points)  
  Make Vocabulary cards for key terms, page 34, teacher will ask you to define three terms (10 points)  
  Complete “Word Search” page 15 and 5 questions on page 16 in workbook (10points)  
  Complete “Gross Domestic Product,” page 17 in workbook. (10 points)


  Complete “The Great Depression,” page 18 in workbook.  (10 points)  
  Professional Conduct:          -5                         -3                           -1 10

B Level: no more than 10 points

  Develop a color poster that highlights the components of GDP, and shows the 2005 GDP or the projected GDP for 2006 (10 points)  
  Do an internet search on “economic indicators.”  Identify 10 indicators, what they measure, and when they become available (weekly, monthly, yearly).  (10 points.)  

A Level: no more than 10 points

  Type a 1-page paper that identifies the job skills needed for the information economy. (10 points)  
  Type a 1-page paper that identifies America’s current national debt, and what could be done to reduce it. (10 points)  

This sheet must be complete by end of class on Thursday, Feb 15th .

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