Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene

Tonya Todd
Beebe High School, Arkansas

C-Layer Activities

___________ 1.  Read the book        10 pts

___________ 2.  Journal Entries        10 pts

___________ 3.  Reading, Vocabulary, and Spelling Quizzes    10 pts 

Vocabulary- Choose One Activity for each assigned vocabulary list:

These activities are due BEFORE each spelling and vocabulary quiz.

___________ a. Make a vocabulary crossword puzzle     4 pts

___________ b. Make vocabulary note cards      4 pts

write the word on the front and the definition on the back.

___________ c.  Make a vocabulary test with an answer key.    4 pts

___________ d.  Make a foldable        4 pts


Have to have a minimum of points 37 from the items below:

Choose 2-10 pt activities, 2-6 pt activities, and 1-5 pt activity

____________ Meet the characters-describe the characters     6 pts
and their qualities Patty, Ruth, Sharon, Harry, Pearl, and Anton

____________ Write a Persona Poem about the following characters:   6 pts
Patty, Ruth, Sharon, Harry, Pearl, and Anton

____________ Find a quote in the book that describes the character.    10 pts
Explain how that quote describes him or her.  See Example

_____________Write five journal entries from the point of view of    10 pts
two of the following characters:  Patty, Ruth, Anton, Harry Bergen

After each entry, write the chapter number 

_____________ Read an article about Franklin D. Roosevelt, write a summary  5 pts 

____________ Read an article about Bette Greene and write a summary   5 pts 

____________ Read an article about Hitler, Mussolini, or Hirohito    5 pts
and write a summary

____________ Create a power point that describes the characters in the book  10 pts 

____________ Draw a storyboard that sequences the major events in the story.    6 pts

Must include a summary and illustrations. 

____________ Read the chapters and answer questions for each chapter   10 pts 

____________ Read the chapters and make 10 questions for each    6 pts
chapter and answer the questions.

____________ Make a baseball card style featuring five of the characters               10 pts
in the book.  The front of the card is a picture and the back contains ten facts
about the character.

B-Layer Activities 

You will need to choose 10 points from any of the following. 

10 pts.  1.  Watch the Movie and compare and contrast it to the book.

10 pts   2. Rewrite the ending of the novel. Include dialogue and description. Do you like your ending better or the book's original ending?

10 pts   3. Write a one to two page description of a time you witnessed prejudice toward someone.  Remember that prejudice doesn't just mean color of skin.   Explain how you felt at the time, how you reacted at the time, and how you might react in the future.

10 pts  4. Illustrate the chapters in the book; Give each chapter a title. The title should reflect the events of the chapter. 

10 pts  5. Create a brochure on your perception of Jenkinsville, Arkansas, describing its location, topography, industries, interesting sites to see, historical information etc.
10 pts  6. Design an award for each main characters. Write a brief speech outlining why each character qualified for that particular award. 

 10 pts  7. Write a character study (minimum 250 words) of a character you are familiar with from the  book. What is their personality like? Who would you compare them to (in real life or other books/movies) What is their biggest problem? How will they solve it/not solve it? Who helps them/tries to hurt them? What is most important to remember about them? 

10 pts  8. Can you think of a person or a character who reminds you of one of the protagonists in the book? Write two paragraphs that explain how the person you know is different than/the same as the protagonist. (For example, how Antigone is similar to/different than Juliet, or how Annie John is like a babysitter you know). 


A-Layer Activities


You will need to choose a 10-point activity from the following items listed. 

____10 pts. 1. Anger is an emotion everyone feels from time to time. The important thing is to learn healthy ways to control and express anger. Think of three sensible things a person who is angry could do to help make the anger go away. This must be at least a typed full page, double spaced using no larger than a 12-point size.
____10 pts. 2. Create a new cover for the book, as if you were on assignment from a major publishing house. Think about design and illustration elements, color, and font…what will make this book even more appealing to readers. Fold your paper so you have flaps just like a real book cover. On the inside front cover, write a blurb - a summary of the book for potential readers. On the inside back cover, write "All about the illustrator"—that’s

YOU. Tell readers a little about yourself, and include a photo if possible. If not, draw yourself. On outside back cover, write reviews of the book from various publications as if you had interviewed them.

____10 pts. 3. Share your thoughts about the book with the entire class. Bring a food item representative of the book to share with the class. Tell how it would relate to the book and why you chose it.
____10 pts. 4. Do an internet author study. Research and find out all you can about

Bette Green, then write a letter to the author.  You will also need to include a poster presentation that shows what you have learned.  It must be neat and legible.  NO PENCIL!

____10 pts. 5. Research children who are driven to extreme measures by their parents. What factors can cause an adolescent to consider such drastic actions? How does the adolescent justify his behavior?
____10 pts. 6. Essay - Do you see evidence of prejudice/racism in the story? Have attitudes and tolerance levels changed since then? Give evidence and examples to back up your claims. Document more than one culture..

____10 pts. 7. Research how prejudism played a role in our society. Create a timeline that indicates how it has or hasn't change over the past few decades.  Explain how things have changed over the years and what contributed to it.  This must be at least a full page, typed using no larger than a 12 point size.  You must have sources for your research. 

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