Required by all*. 

1. Read or listen to each chapter, on your own or with a partner, in the Forces, Motion, and Energy textbook (Chapters 3-6). 

Choose 1 from numbers 2, 3, or 4: 

2. Create flash cards for vocabulary words from each chapter.

3. Create a crossword puzzle using vocabulary words from each chapter.

4. Define vocabulary words on your own paper. 

Choose 5 or 6: 

5. Create flip book that shows how Newton’s Laws of Motion work.

6. Write a song/rap that has information about machines. 

*You must do the above work, from “C” Layer, on your own. You may help each other, but I will receive individual work from everyone. 


Required by all*, numbers 7-10: 

7.  Chapter 3: Create a poster about Pascal’s Principle and Bernoulli’s Principle.

8.  Chapter 4: Make a list of all the different types of machines you have at your house.

9.  Chapter 5: Find, watch, and take notes on a video from It should

                     discuss Energy (Potential, Kinetic, and Mechanical).

10. Chapter 6: Create a PowerPoint Presentation using information from all the sections

                       of this chapter.  Each section should have at least 3 slides per section

                       (which means, you should have 12 slides minimum, NOT including your

                        introduction and ending). 

*You may work alone, with a partner, or with no more than 3 people on the above projects from “B” Layer. 


This section is an option, but if you choose not to complete “A” Layer, you will, at most, receive a “B” as your grade on this activity. 

11. Using the information from Chapters 1 through 6, design a sketch of your very own

      rollercoaster. Make a list of materials you might need to construct this rollercoaster.

      Be prepared to physically create this rollercoaster in a few weeks.

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