French 30 Layered Curriculum Novel Study 

Le petit prince

Vanessa Amyotte 
St Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School

“Et aucune grande personne ne comprendra jamais que ça a tellement d’importance ! » p.93

This novel study is broken down into what is a called a layered curriculum. This allows you to see ahead of time exactly what is expected of you to get a certain grade for this unit.  You may only sign off one item on the due date so keep working and sign things off as you go along.

Madatory Activities :  Participate in class discussions (10 points).   Complete daily questions and grammar worksheets.  These are marked separately.

C Layer Activities:  Choose any 4 activities from the list for a maximum of 40 points.

Assignment Date 


Possible Earned
    1. . Create your own dictionary with words from the story. Include pronunciation guide, definitions, and if given, origin of the word. Hint: find out about online dictionaries.
    2.  Illustrate a scene from the book, using paint, markers, colored pencils, pen and ink, charcoal, colored paper, photographic collage, etc.
    3.  Choose 15-20 interesting or unfamiliar words from the novel and make flash cards with their definitions. Learn their meanings.
    4.  Choose one character and write a poem about that character.
    5.  Create original music that could serve as a soundtrack for the novel. Record your music and provide a tape for the teacher to listen to.
    6.  Create a diorama of a scene from the novel.

    7.  Create a poster advertising the book, or a new cover for the book. This must include a summary of the story.

8.  Choose your favorite part of the book. In a paragraph write a description of this part of the book and tell why it is your favorite.    10   
    9.   Create a crossword puzzle using clues and words from the story. Use at least 15 words. Hint: find out about the crossword puzzle site on the computer.
    10. Make a small booklet showing the differences between 3 different planets Le petit prince visited.  On each page, draw one planet and write an explanation of that planet. 
    11.  Write a journal entry describing the day in the life of one of the characters on a planet.
12.  Draw a cartoon strip of one of the scenes in the novel.   10   
13.  Create a timeline of Petit Prince’s journey.  Include a brief description of each event.   10   
14.  Interview 3 people about the purpose of their job.  Write brief review.   10   
15.  Write a letter to your friend sharing your thoughts and ideas about the book.   10   

B Layer Activities:  Choose 1 activity from the list for a maximum of 20 points.  You may work with a partner.

Assignment Possible Earned
    1.  Design a board game using the story as background.
2.  15 slide power point presentation. Use vocab. in sentences in French. Hand-in copy of sentences for grading. 20   
3. Create a Power Point book report. Include title, author, major characters, setting and a brief summary of the plot. 20   
4.  Handwrite a 1-2 page biography about the author.  It must be in your own words.  Include     interesting facts, and focus on ORGANIZATION. 20   

A Layer Activities:  Choose any 1 activity from the list for a maximum of 30 points.

Must hand-in a hard copy to the teacher the day before for #1 & #2.

Assignment Possible Earned
1.   Write and perform a rap song using 20+ vocab words.  This may be filmed on your own time. 30   
2.   Write and present 5  minute conversation/skit with a partner this may be filmed on your own time. 30   
3.   Write a short story and illustrate. 10+ pages. Must read book in front of class. 30   
4.  Interview 3 adults about their jobs.  Choose one adult and describe what kind of planet he/she would live on and describe what Petit Prince would think of this planet.  Include an illustration of the planet.  Briefly describe how Petit Prince’s perspective will affect your career choice.  Present your new planet and the job you have described to the class. 30   

Layer C Acitivities  /40 points

Layer B Activites   /20 points

Layer A Activites   /30 points

Participation   /10 points

Total Points   /100 points 


Created by V. Amyotte

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