The Well of Sacrifice

By Chris Eboch

7 Communication Arts


Layered Curriculum Designed by

Mrs. Debbie Anne B. Barretto

Ronald H. Brown Charter School


Reading Comprehension Questions:


  1. Who are the members of Eveningstar’s family?






  1. Why is Smoke Shell considered a hero?






  1. What was Eveningstar’s part in Smoke Shell’s becoming a hero?






  1. How did they become part of the nobility?






  1. What did Great Skull Zero think of Smoke Shell?






  1. Why was Smoke Shell being considered as the next king?







  1. What did Great Skull Zero do after King Flint Sky died? Why did he do that?





  1. How do you think the people felt with Great Skull Zero’s proclamation? Did they do something about it? What? Why/ Why not?





  1. Why did Great Skull Zero want to marry Feather Dawn?





10. Why did Great Skull Zero want to get rid of Eveningstar Macaw?





11. How did Great Skull Zero get rid of the people that are possible kings? Why did he want to get rid of them?





12.What did Great Skull Zero do to get rid of Eveningstar?





13.How did Eveningstar survive the “Well of Sacrifice”?





14.How did Eveningstar plan to confront Great Skull Zero? What gave her the power and the courage to do this?





15.How did the people really feel about Great Skull Zero? Give evidence from the story.


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