The Well of Sacrifice
By Chris Eboch
7 Communication Arts

Layered Curriculum Designed by
Mrs. Debbie Anne B. Barretto
Ronald H. Brown Charter School

Chapter Summary:

Chapter 1
Eveningstar Macaw goes into the jungle to gather some medicinal plants for her mother. In the jungle, she saw the savages. One of the savages, saw her, but did not  betray her to the others. Eveningstar runs back home, and tells her brother, Smoke Shell.

Chapter 2
Feather Dawn’s beauty is described. Smoke Shell and the other warriors came back, with the savages as captives. The savages will be offered as sacrifice, but Small will be spared, since he didn’t betray Eveningstar.

Chapter 3
The bloodletting of Smoke Shell and Eveningstar. Smoke Shell and Eveningstar talks with King Flint Sky God. Smoke Shell is appointed lord because of what he has done for the people. The high priest, Great Skull Zero thinks that Smoke Shell should be punished because he did not follow the art of warfare.

Chapter 4
Smoke Shell and his family became part of the nobility. Smoking Squirrel tells the story of the Hero Twins, then the Mayan people have the reenact the story in a ballgame.

Chapter 5
The savages are sacrificed, and it is believed that it will bring the world into balance.

Chapter 6
The Mayan people engage in a bloodletting ceremony. They draw their own blood to honor the gods and to feed them.

Chapter 7
Small finds himself in conflict with the other Savages. Eveningstar and her mother help them out.

Chapter 8
The Mayan way of life is described, particularly the Mayan calendar, natural resources, and commerce.

Chapter 9
Eveningstar and other 12-year old girls and 14-year old boys undergoes a rite of passage into adulthood. Smoke Shell marries Double Bird, and Feather Dawn accepts an offer of marriage.

Chapter 10
King Flint Sky God died. He didn’t have any heir. Smoke Shell is one of the people being considered to be the next king. Great Skull Zero makes an announcement that the best men of the city will go with King Flint Sky God to serve him. Smoke Shell is one of the chosen ones; he will be sacrificed.

Chapter 11
Eveningstar concludes that Great Skull Zero is acting wrongly.

Chapter 12
Eveningstar tries to find Smoke Shell in the Temple of Ah Puch.

Chapter 13
Eveningstar Macaw confronts Great Skull Zero before he sacrifices her brother.

Chapter 14
Eveningstar Macaw escaped from a tomb in which she has been buried alive.

Chapter 15
Eveningstar Macaw visits the outlying villages and discovers the famine and hardships that the people experiences.

Chapter 16
Eveningstar returns to the city. She was captured and condemned by Great Skull Zero.

Chapter 17
Eveningstar is imprisoned and is to be sacrificed. She and Smoking Squirrel discuss the fate of the city at the hands of Great Skull Zero. They plan Eveningstar’s escape.

Chapter 18
Eveningstar escapes from her captors by drugging a guard.

Chapter 19
Eveningstar makes one final attempt to escape, but when Great Skull Zero threatens to kill everyone in her family, she turns herself in.

Chapter 20
Eveningstar Macaw is sacrificed, she is thrown in the Well of Sacrifice. She survives the fall.

Chapter 21
Eveningstar climbs up the slippery wall of the Well of Sacrifice.

Chapter 22
Eveningstar begins to carry out a plan to confront Great Skull Zero at the wedding between him and Feather Dawn.

Chapter 23
Eveningstar confronts Great Skull Zero, and he is killed by Smoking Squirrel.

Chapter 24
Eveningstar and her family plans to move from the city to a coastal town. Small, now renamed as Shield, decides to stay with Eveningstar and her family forever.

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