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Paula King,

Frontier Regional, Massachusetts

All 5 days: listen to lecture and take notes. 5pts/day

1 2 3 4 5

Day 1:

1. Watch video: symbols & map grids. 5pts

2. Write down 10 key points learned in the movie. 5pts

3. Complete worksheets on symbols and map grids. 10pts

4. Create map using "Map Symbols" and "Legend" sheets. 10pts

Day 2:

1. Watch video: latitude & longitude. 5pts

2. Read independently about latitude & longitude. Answer questions. 5pts

3. Do worksheets on latitude and longitude. 10pts

4. Create a list of 20 capital cities, giving their latitude and longitude. 10pts

5. Create latitude & longitude bingo game, with answers. Try out on two friends. 10pts

Day 3:

1. Quietly, watch video: distance & directions. 5pts

2. Use maps to give directions from Frontier to a location at least 100 miles away. Then give directions back, following a different route. 10pts

4. Make flash cards of geography vocabulary. Learn them. 10pts

Day 4: 15pts (choose one)

1. Make visuals for 5 geography terms, label them, and display them.

3. Create a matching game of geography terms and definitions. Play game.

4. Research 5 world locations and create geography puzzlers for each. Each puzzler gives clues that describe the location.

Day 5:

Research and then write two full paragraphs. 15pts (choose one)

1. Given the physical geography of a place, what makes people settle there?

2. How does the latitude of a place influence where a civilization develops?


* In order to earn an "A" you must aim to complete 20 points of work per day. You also must choose activities from those listed on the days offered.

* A maximum of 65 points can come from the activities listed on Days 1 - 3.

* All students will listen to the lecture. If you choose to take notes, you will get 5 points for doing so.

* Use a highlighter to indicate which items you have chosen to do on each given day.

* Get a teacher signature next to each highlighted item, to show that you received the points.

86+ = A 71+ = B 56+ = C 40+ = D

___________________________ ___________________

Parent/guardian signature 5pts Date all work is due

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