Ancient Egypt Unit

York Hepworth - Hurricane Middle School

Hurricane, Utah

Utah State Core Standard 1 Objective 2

Utah State Core Standard 4 Objective1

Utah State Core Standard 7 Objective1


Ancient Egyptian notes and participation. (40 points)

Level 1: Choose 10 of the following (10 Points each)

1       Fill out the map of ancient Egypt

2       With a partner read and play the ancient game of Senet. Write a paragraph describing the game. Who won? Is it similar to a modern day game?

3       Complete Cosmic and Earthly deities Activity sheet. Write a myth using the Gods on this sheet.

4       Read 2 myths and write 2 different poems based on the myths.

5       Read about the Ancient Egyptians Muu dancers with a partner or two give an oral report to the class and perform the dances you think it would be. (counts as two assignments)

6       You are a musician dedicated to singing about the ancient cities and monuments of Egypt. Write a song about 2 of the sites you visited. Record it alone or with a partner using background music.

7       Research the different types of pyramids and explain the differences.

8       Create a timeline using 25 important dates.

9       Complete the mummy’s message.

10     Create a foldable from the Magazine Pyramids.

11     Egyptian Math: write and solve in the Egyptian language.

12     Create an illustrated dictionary of vocabulary terms you’ve learned from this unit (20 Min.)

13     Construct a cartouche with your name out of clay or paper.

14     Build a pyramid of facts.

15     Read and answer questions from the pages 71-95

16     Watch the Eyewitness Desert video and write down 15 facts.

Level 2: Choose 1 of the following for 20 points:

1       Compare and contrast a day of a typical Egyptian with that of your life.

2       From 5 of the assignments above create a test of 25 questions.

3       Research what problems the Ancient Egyptians had with the Nile and compare it with the problems that the Modern day Egyptians have.

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