World War II Unit

York Hepworth

Hurricane Middle School

UtahCore Standards: 3 objectives 1 and 2, Standard 6 objectives 1 and 2 , Standard 9 objective 1 and 2

The following assignments are required: World War II Vocabulary and Holocaust words

Choose 10 assignments from this list to complete this level (10 points each )

1          Europe Map- Name the countries of Europe.

2          Pearl harbor map-Locate the main ships at Pearl Harbor

3          Watch the video and answer the questions for Escape from Sobibor

4          Decoding Nazi Secrets

5          Design a patriotic poster for a European Country.

6          Collect and present 6 songs from the WWII period

7          Read and test on one of the following books: Escape from Warsaw, Night, Number the Stars, The Room Upstairs

8          Changing Germany Map-Define the boundaries of Germany during WWI, WWII, and present.

9          Make a Poster of major Leaders and explain who they were during WWII

10        Draw a model of a weapon or tool used in WWII explain its purpose

11        Create a game using one of the battles during WWII. Must have 10 facts included in the war.

12        Create a poster of different types of weapons used during WWII. Need to know the names and which countries used them

13        Read pgs 324-344 in the World past and present social studies book and answer the questions on pg 345

14        Read and answer the questions about the Wave

15        Create 20 vocabulary cards for World War II.                 

16   Passport


Choose 1 assignment from the following: (40 points)


1    Create a 25 Question WW II test using 5 different assignments from the above level.

2    Organize a timeline for world war 2 you need 25 events

3    Write journal entries portraying yourself as a Jew, a Nazi, soldier going to war, and a person at home during WWII

4    Write a new verse to a WWII song assignment

      5 Compare and contrast WW II with the war with Iraq. Express how you feel about     both wars ( 2 pages )

The rubrics on the board will be used for grading. Follow them carefully!!

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