Craig Whitmore, Delano High School, California

Unit 3 Cell Structures: Cell Theory & Organelles

NAME______________________ PER _____ TOTAL PTS _______

Grading Scale: 40=D 55=C 71=B 86=A

Section I. 65 points max. Must get 50 pts here to move to Section II.

1. Listen to the lecture on Cell Structures and take notes. (5 pts)

2. Fill in the worksheet on "Organelles.". (5 pts)

3. Label & color the plant and animal cells. (5 pts)

4. Fill in the CLOZE passage for this section. (5 pts)

5. Make a comic strip (in color) about an organelle (you choose which one). (5 pts)

6. Make up a 10 question quiz w/answers about "Cell Structures." (5 pts)

7. Make a PowerPoint presentation about "Cell Structures" (at least 5 slides). (10 pts)

8. Make a board game about cell organelles. See me to okay ideas first. (10 pts)

9. Fill in the Internet assignment about "Cell Organelles." (10 pts)

10. Watch video on "What's in a Cell" and fill in questions. (10 pts)

11. Make a 3-D model of an animal or plant cell with labels. (15 pts)

12. Write an original story that involves cell organelles as characters (at least 350 words = 1 page typed). (15 pts)

13. Crossword Puzzle. Use 10 words from vocabulary #3. (10 pts)

Section II. Choose one question to investigate and report on for 15 pts.

1. Compare the workers in a factory to the organelles of a cell by drawing a poster showing the factory workers labeled with the comparable cellular organelles.

2. Create an add campaign for one of the organelles. Assume you are selling it to aliens who wish to visit earth. What good will it do them? Why do they need it? Why is it the best organelle to have? Presentation ideas: poster, video tape, musical jingle. (Got milk? Yo quiero Taco Bell. Do the Dew. Drop the chalupa.)

3. In front of the class, present a kinesthetic model of six organelles of the cell, showing the jobs they carry out. (You need at least 4 people to do this! 6 are better!)

Section III. Choose one question to research and write a report on for 15 pts.

1. Find out about the Mitochondrial Eve Hypothesis. Which organelle is it based on? Is it an accepted idea in science today? What does the hypothesis say about human origins?

2. What theories did ancient scientists believe before the cell theory? Find at least 2 to write about.

3. Which three scientists came up with the Cell Theory? Did they work together? Did they help each other?

Section IV. Unit Quiz. Required for all students. 5 pts. ______