Chemical Bonding, Reactions, and Families of Chemicals

by Gerry Tessner

Bear Creek Middle School,Fairburn, GA


designed for 8th grade Physical Science.


The student will be able to: define chemical bonding and describe ionic, covalent, and metallic bonds; predict the formation of compounds between elements; describe the parts of a chemical reaction and the factors that affect the rate of a reaction; describe the characteristics of the various types of reactions and give examples of each; state the properties and structures of the families of chemical compounds.

You will choose from the following 3 areas to determine your grade. Each area, except labs, will go into your notebook and must be listed on your table of contents. Labs will be turned in with the coversheet/checklist as usual. Points given are for completion and accuracy.

C=110–129 points

B=130-149 points

A=150-165 points

Time: 3 weeks Date due:___________________

Area I: 60-80 points

1. Notes from overhead (10 points per chapter)

2. Notes from lectures on tape (10 points per side)

3. Worksheet packets (10 points per chapter)

4. Prediction card and bonding model (5 points)

5. Cartoon chemistry (5 points )

6. Vocabulary flashcards (10 points per chapter)

7. Section questions (10 points per chapter)

8. Problem Solving (5 points per chapter)

9. Video: Basic Chemistry, parts 3 & 4 - Notes and oral summary to me (15 points)

10. Demonstrations: Activity/DOING from book (5 points each)

11. Find a magazine article related to chemistry, copy and highlight the points related to this unit. (5 points)

12. Create a 3-sided pyramid. Use each side to illustrate alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes.

13. Create a tetrahedron; on each side tell the characteristics of 4 types of substituted hydrocarbons.


Area II: 30-60 points

1. LAB: Design a lab using purple cabbage, litmus and pH papers to test for acids and bases. (20 points)

2. LAB: Kitchen Chemistry Sheet(15 points)

3. LAB: Properties of Ionic and Covalent Compounds Sheet (15 points)

4. Activity: Popcorn Hop Sheet (10 points)

5. Activity: The Milky Way Sheet (10 points)


Area III: CHOOSE ONE ONLY/25 points

Write an essay that clearly shows you understand the material in these


1. New medicines frequently appear on the market. Find out how chemists

experiment to develop new drugs and what testing procedures are used. Are

the procedures too strict? Why or why not?

2. A tremendous amount of money was spent on the restoration of the Statue

of Liberty. Much of this money was raised by a foundation comprised of

private citizens who devoted a great amount of time and energy to the


Do you think such a great expenditure of money and effort worthwhile, or

could it have been better spent on other things? Take a stand on this


and present arguments to support your position.

3. Acidic substances released into the atmosphere by certain industries can

eventually result in acid rain, which is destructive to many plants and

animal life forms. What can be done about this problem?

4. Many people believe that life based on hydrocarbons may exist on other

planets. Others disagree. Still others believe that the silicon-based

organisms may exist on other worlds. What is your opinion?