Back to Samples Menu Crash--by Jerry Spinelli

designed by Kathy DeGroat -Reading/language Arts,

Eden Elementary School, NY

You cannot turn in any assignment from the next level until you complete the level prior to it. I will only accept a maximum of 2 assignments in a day, so plan accordingly.


You may choose any of the following assignments for a maximum of 60 points. All assignments must be defended orally and independently.

1. Illustrate a scene from the book, using paint, markers, colored pencils, pen and ink, photographs, collage, etc. (15 pts)

2. Find song lyrics from any artist that you feel reflects how Crash or Penn's life is going for them. Copy the lyrics and describe why you think these lyrics represent that character. (15 pts.)

3. Describe a character from the book. Include how the person looks, acts, feels, and

what they say. Create a web and write a paragraph or two about the character. (15 pts.)

4. Interview your grandparent(s). Write about a memorable experience (e.g.: Scooter's Navy days, Penn's grandfather's races, etc.) that they share with you. (15 pts.)

5. Complete a worksheet from those in my Crash folder. Maximum 2 worksheets. (10 pts. each)

6. Act out a scene from the book. You may work with one or more partners. (15 pts.)

7. Create a diorama of a wildlife habitat. (15 pts.)

8. Draw a plan for a wildlife habitat with specific details. (15 pts.)

9. Choose a social problem and design a poster to create awareness. For example: hunger,

homelessness, environmental concerns, etc. (15 pts.)

10. Make a time line of Crash's life -include important points and times that were important to him, both good and bad. (10 pts.)

11. Create anew cover for the book. Look at a book cover to see what is included. (front , back, inside flaps)(15 pts.)

12. Illustrate a scene or character, using details from the book. (15 pts.)

13. Write a recipe or poem about what you think is in Scooter's "eight-arm soup." Draw a picture of the soup and the ingredients.(10 pts.)

14. Create a newspaper headline and article that could discuss the Penn Relays and how Penn Webb brought the school from last to second place.(15 pts.)

B Level -Choose one for 25 points. USE YOUR OWN WORDS OR I CANNOT GIVE YOU CREDIT.

1. Research Penn Webb's religious background. He is a Quaker. Write 2 or 3 paragraphs informing us about Quakers. What are some of their beliefs? Where did it originate? List your sources carefully. See my website for a link to get help with citing references.

2. Write a 1 to 2-page summary of North Dakota, known as the Flickertail State. Use

encyclopedias, the internet, and/or magazines. List your resources carefully (see #1 above).

3. Research the Penn Relays, including how/when they originated. Write a summary for us to learn more about them.

4. Research the Flickertail. Write a description about the bird and include a picture, drawn by you. Include where it may be found, eating habits, etc.

A Level -Choose one for 25 points. Discuss the topic you are interested in with a parent, teacher, or other adult OR find two sources outside the classroom to inform yourself. You want to be able to hear/understand different opinions in order to form a good, solid opinion for yourself. Once you have decided on your opinion, write a 1 to 2-page defense of your position. Include your hardcopy sources, if you used any.

1. Do you think it is accepted more in our society to "Put Down" others (looks, race, ethnic background, weight, etc.) than for sticking up for what you believe is right? Explain with examples, details, etc. Remember that Put Downs include comments, jokes, looks, prejudices, bullying, etc.

2. What would be the advantages/disadvantages of having parents who are older? Why? Use the book and include examples.

3. Do you think that students, who are known to pull pranks on others and/or to Put Down individuals routinely, should be allowed to remain in extracurricular activities, like football? Support your opinion.

110 100% 81 -90 85% 51-59 70%

100-109 95% 70-80 80% 45-50 65%

91-99 90% 60-69 75% <45 50%