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Creed, Christianity, and World Religions
Corethia Qualls, Judge Memorial High School, SLC, Utah

Creed, Christianity, and World Religions Primal Religions Presentation

Each group is to prepare a presentation approximately 20 minutes in length which covers at least the basic information on the chose topic.
Each member of the group should participate full in the preparation and presentation. If there is any problem with group cooperation, see me immediately; do not wait until the day the presentation is due.
Your presentation should be made to the class from memory or from note cards in your own words. quote relevant material with its source(s); do not read lengthy passages from articles.
We will spend one week in the library so that you can work on the research and on some of the presentation. Use the time wisely. I will be giving points for participation on library days. the more you accomplish in the library, the less time you will have to spend on homework.

Components of the presentation
1) Outline of the group presentation - 50 points - due 8 February at the end of the period - one outline per group - make it as detailed as you can - I realize that last-minute changes can happen, but this should be very close to your final version
2) list of Works Consulted - 50 points - due in class on the day of your presentation - one list per group - required: at least three Internet sources and three hard copy sources aside from any encyclopedia articles used - use proper form, as in _Writers Inc._ and the style sheet for citing Internet sources available in the library
3) class presentation - 100 points divided as follows

For a C (70 points)
- each person in the group must take part in the presentation
- about 20 minutes in length - not much more not much less
- each person should take an approximately equal part in the presentation
- be delivered from memory or from note cards
- be coherent, organized, precise, and imaginative
- convey to the class basic and accurate information on the topic you are discussing in an interesting manner
- be expressed in proper grammar and syntax and in your own words
- be audible to the class; be intelligible
- make eye contact
- cite the source of any relevant material which is quoted
- contain no padding; for instance, needless repetition

For a B (15 points) All of the above plus:
- make use of illustrations and charts where appropriate; cite the source of any visuals you use
- show definite use of more than two sources
- show some ability to answer questions correctly after your presentation

For an A (15 points) All of the above plus:
- use and blend in your own words material from all your sources
- convey your information in an interesting, perhaps unique format
- computer presentation, for instance
- be able to answer correctly all questions from class and instructor

Presentations will begin on 12 February with Daily Life and continue with rites of Passage, Burial Practices, Myths, Carve Paintings/Rock Art, and Prehistoric Astronomy, in that order.
Don't forget that your list of Works Consulted, in proper bibliographical form, is due at the time of your presentation.