Cultural Diversity Layered Curriculum

Patricia R. Kirchherr, Rockford, IL

Part I: 51 points possible

1. Take the pre-test on "Differences". (5 points)

2. Be prompt and attend and participate in all 6 classes (6 pts)

3. Listen to the lectures and take notes: (5 points each)

__________Session I

__________Session II

__________Session III

__________Session IV

__________Session V

1 In a small group in class, identify diversity factors and present to classmates (5 points)

2 Working in pairs, complete Who is this Person? Activity (5 points)

3 Collaborate with 3 - 5 classmates to discover "What's in a Name?" (5 points)

1 Part II: 60 points maximum

Choose any of the following working alone, in pairs and with a group.

1 Write a personal paper summarizing your expectation and view of a tradition that you honor. Interview someone of a different demographic characteristic and record their interpretation of the event and highlight the similarities and differences through charting or Venn diagram. (5 pts.)

2 Find 4 printed articles that address cultural diversity. Summarize how you might use these personally or in a teaching situation to help appreciate differences. (5 pts.)

3 Create a monthly theme for the school year incorporating cultural awareness. For example, you may teach science and celebrate the scientists of 10 different countries, 1 country per month. (5 pts.)

4 Examine 6 word problems to determine cultural sensitivity and rewrite and/or create 6 new word problems which are most equitable. (5 pts.)

5 Read a book such as To Kill a Mocking Bird or The Bluest Eye or another choice that addresses diversity. Summarize the book and suggest incorporation into a class, i.e. level, subject, etc. (10 pts.)

6 Compile a listing and library of diverse music from various cultures and describe how these choices could be utilized in the classroom. (5 pts.)

7 Compose a check list that could be used to assess a culturally appropriate classroom for students at a particular grade level. (5 pts.)

8 Create a view book illustrating Cultural Diversity. Include 30 entries. (5 pts.)

9 Write a poem about cultural diversity. (5 pts)

10 Construct a pie chart illustrating the major religions of the world with descriptors (5 pts.)

11 Using the Internet, learn about culturegrams and the diversity wheel. Summarize and discuss application in the classroom. (5 pts.)

12 Interview 2 people. One should be born in the U.S. and one should be an immigrant. Record and summarize their similarities and differences, (5 pts.)

13 Create a poster illustrating differences among 3 countries. For example, it could be fashion, food, religion, money, holidays, etc. (5 pts.)

14 Find a movie that illustrates cultural diversity and create a lesson plan incorporating the film. (5 pts.)

15 Create a diversity pledge suitable for use in a classroom (5 pts)

16 Identify teaching materials and techniques appropriate to differences (5 pts)

17 Gather quotes form 25 individuals that positively celebrate differences (5 pts)

18 Given time constraints, identify the pro's and con's of including lessons on tolerance and multiculturalism versus the pro's and con's of focusing on American history. (5 pts)

19 Compare and contrast differences in living in the city, suburbs and rural areas as seen from the eyes of a 14 year old or another age. (5 pts.)

20 Prepare a week of menus for a traditional western diet versus a traditional eastern diet. (5 pts.)

21 Find 3 articles on the same topic from 3 publications. Contrast and compare considering the targeted audience (5 pts.)

22 Write a position paper on "English should be declared the official language of the USA" (5 pts)

23 Create an editorial or find a classmate to debate about patriotism in schools, i.e., Pledge of Allegiance daily, Star Spangled Banner, etc. (5 pts)

24 Construct a PR blitz to promote the positive aspects of America for foreign distribution (5 pts)

25 Interview 2 people about their elementary school experience. One person should have the experience from 1950 - 1960. Another person should have been in elementary school since 1985. Summarize and contrast (5 pts)

26 Illustrate culture differences through dance (5 pts)

27 Research the use of the metric system in the world and the impact on the USA by not having a metric standard (5 pts)

28 Is multiculturalism a part of American history? Demonstrate your findings (5 pts)

29 Create a diversity wheel of yourself (5 pts)

30 Assemble 10 ads to illustrate differences in approach, target audience and cultural sensitivity (5 pts)

31 View 5 TV shows and summarize the cultural diversity (5 pts.)

32 Describe your family heritage. Include place of origin, time and reasons of immigration, languages, first family settlement, political leanings, jobs, status, beliefs, values, behaviors, roles, customs, traditions, contact with cultural institutions such as faith and social clubs, health beliefs and attitudes on illness and treatment, holidays and special events and any changes over time within your family (15 pts)

33 Explore your stereotypes/prejudices in your family and how you support/reject them (5 pts)

34 Revise a lesson plan to incorporate more diversity. Include opportunities for verbal, visual and hands on participation (5 pts.)

35 Review your class materials and create additions for various points of view (5 pts)

36 Videotape a class session and assess equitable treatment of your students (5 pts)

37 Create your own project demonstrating cultural diversity. Request facilitator/instructor approval (10 pts)

38 Produce a bibliography of materials that you use in class supporting cultural diversity awareness (5 pts)

39 Contrast and compare gender differences on a topic such as crying in America (5 pts)

40 Pick a country and create an overview for sharing (10 pts)

Part III: 15 points maximum


B LEVEL: Present a session focusing on cultural diversity (10 points) You may work with up to 4 people in a group. 1 presenter = 15 minutes; 2 presenters = 30 minutes; 3 presenters = 45 minutes; 4 people = 1 hour. Involve the class with verbal, visual and hands on methods.


A LEVEL: Present a session focusing on cultural diversity (20 pts.) You may work with up to 4 people in a group. 1 presenter = 30 minutes; 2 presenters = 1 hour; 3 people = 1.5 hours; 4 people = 2 hours

Involve the class with verbal, visual and hands on methods.

Grading Scale: Part I: 51 points maximum; Part II: 60 points maximum: Part III: 15 points maximum

Total of Parts I, II, and III = 126 maximum B = 127 - 136 A = 137 +