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Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

by Debbie Anne B. Barretto
D.U.E. Season Charter School Grade 5

Let us embark on a literary journey with Bud in Bud, Not Buddy. On our journey, we will be doing a lot of exciting things that will help you earn points. Our goal is to get a score of 100 points. I know you can do it!

Remember the following things:

    * You have to get 40 points in Layer C to get to Layer B
    * You have to get 30 points in Layer B to get to Layer A
    * You have to get 30 points in Layer A
    * Fill in the Score Sheet

Enjoy your journey with Bud!

Layer A: You have to earn 40 points in this layer

________ 1. Read the book, and make a Reading Log (5 pts.)
________ 2. Book discussion with teacher. Answer questions about the story. (15 pts.)

Your Choice:
________ 3. List Bud Caldwell’s Rules and Things for Having  a Funner Life and Making a Better Liar Out of Yourself (10 pts.)
________ 4. Make a time line of Bud’s Life (10 pts.)
________ 5. Select 20 vocabulary words. Define each word, and use it in a sentence (10 pts.)
________ 6. Make a booklet. Write a summary for every 3 chapters, and make a drawing to represent the chapters. You will have 7 summaries in all, 6 for the first 18 chapters, and a separate one for Chapter 19. (20 pts.)
________ 7. Write a report about the author, Christopher Paul Curtis. (10 pts.)

Layer B: You have to earn 30 points in this layer

________ 1. Make a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast yourself and Bud. Include surroundings, family, personality, beliefs, characteristics and experiences (10 pts.)

Your Choice:
________ 2. Write your own Rules of Survival. Compare it to Bud’s (10 pts.)
________ 3. Write a letter to Bud (10 pts.)
________ 4. Make a cardboard village of Hooverville (10 pts.)
________ 5. Write a diary from Bud’s point of view. Include dates and locations. (10 pts.)
________ 6. Role play your favorite scene in the story. Dress-up, and use correct accent. (10 pts.)
________ 7. Play a musical instrument. Play jazz music. (10 pts.)
________ 8. Make a poster advertising Bud. Why would it be great to adopt him? What are his strong points? (10 pts.)
________ 9. Make a poster for Bud’s Opening Night. Make sure there is a title, pictures and date. (10 pts.)
________ 10. Write a song or poem about Bud’s Life (10 pts.)
________ 11. Make a comic strip of an event in the story (10 pts.)

Layer A: You have to earn 30 points in this layer

________ 1. Compare and Contrast 1930s to Today. Include entertainment, family life, transportation, technology/communication, education, clothing and food. (15 pts.)
Your Choice:
________ 2. Make a book review. Be sure to include what the book is about, what you liked about the book, and the message of the author. (15 pts.)
________ 3. Write a report about the 1930s and the Depression (15 pts.)
________ 4. Write about how it will be like to live in a “Home”. Include feelings of being an orphan, hardships, and ways to cope. (15 pts.)
________ 5. Add a new character in the story. How would Bud interact with this character? Would he like the character? Write in detail an incident including Bud and the new character. (15 pts.)
________ 6. Interview with Bud. Write 10 questions that you would like to ask Bud, and write Bud’s possible responses. (15 pts.)
________ 7. Write about the Pros and Cons of Having a Union. You could work with a partner, and have a debate. You could also write a position paper. (15 pts.)
________ 8. Write Historical Fiction Story. It should not be more than a 10-year span, and must include 5 events. (15 pts.)
________ 9. Create a game using the story as material (15 pts.)

Bud, Not Buddy Score Sheet

Name _____________________________________    Total Score _________________


Date Accomplished


Student’s Initial

Teacher’s Initial