The Master Puppeteer
By Katherine Paterson
8 Communication Arts

Layered Curriculum Designed by
Mrs. Debbie Anne B. Barretto
Ronald H. Brown Charter School
Harrisburg, PA

Let us embark on a literary journey with Jiro on The Master Puppeteer. On our journey, we will be doing a lot of exciting things that will help you earn points. Our goal is to get a score of 100 points. I know you can do it!

Remember the following things:
·    You have to get 40 points in Layer C to get to Layer B
·    You have to get 30 points in Layer B to get to Layer A
·    You have to get 30 points in Layer A
·    Fill in the Score Sheet

Enjoy your journey with Jiro!

Layer C: Basic Knowledge
- You have to earn 40 points in Layer C

__________ 1. Read the book; log it in your Reading Log (10 pts.)
__________ 2. Reading Comprehension Questions (10 pts)

Your Choice:
__________ 3. Make a Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle (10 pts.)
__________ 4. Make a booklet. Write a summary for every 3 chapters, and make a drawing to represent the chapters. (20 pts.)
__________ 5. Make a storyboard for The Master Puppeteer. It has to have at least 8 cells, with illustration and a summary. (10 pts.)
__________ 6.  Write a report about the author, Katherine Paterson. (10 pts.)

Layer B: Application
    - You have to earn 30 points in Layer B

__________ 1. With a partner, have a debate about whether Hanji and Yoshida are bad people, and about their lives as bandits. (10 pts.)

___________ 2. Write a position paper on your views of the characters being night rovers. Are they good, or bad? Support your position. (10 pts.)

Your Choice:
__________ 3. Write a diary from Jiro’s point of view. Include dates and locations. Must have at least 5 journal entries. (10 pts.)
__________ 4. Role-play your favorite scene in the story. Dress-up, and use correct accent. (10 pts.)
__________ 5. Write a song or poem about Jiro’s Life. (10 pts.)
__________ 6. Make a comic strip of an event in the story (10 pts.)

Layer A: Critical Thinking and Analysis
    - You have to earn 30 points in Layer A


_________ 1. Character Analysis- Analyze the characters in the story (Jiro, Hanji, Kinshi, Yoshida, Okada, and Isako) (10 pts.)

Your Choice:
_________ 2.  Make a book review. Be sure to include what the book is about, what you liked about the book, and the message of the author. (10 pts.)
_________ 3. Interview with Jiro. Write 5 questions that you would like to ask Jiro, and write Jiro’s possible responses. (10 pts.)
_________ 4. Write the next chapter of the story. (10 pts.)
_________ 5. Have a puppet presentation of your favorite part in the story. (20 pts.)

The Master Puppeteer Score Sheet

Name __________________________             Total Score ___________

Activity Date Accomplished Score Student’s Initial

Teacher’s Initial