Craig Whitmore, Delano High School, California

Unit 5 DNA & Protein Synthesis

NAME______________________ PER _____ TOTAL PTS _______

Grading Scale 45=D 61=C 81=B 98=A

Section I. 80 points max. Must get 55 pts here to move to Section II.

1. Listen to the lecture and take notes. (5 pts)

2. Fill in the worksheet on "Structure of DNA." (5 pts)

3. Fill in the worksheet on "DNA Connection." (5 pts)

4. Draw, color & label a picture of DNA. (5 pts)

5. Color & label the Protein Synthesis picture. (5 pts)

6. Fill in the CLOZE passage for this section. (5 pts)

7. Make a PowerPoint presentation about "DNA" (at least 5 slides). (10 pts) _____

8. Make a model of DNA from cutouts supplied by the teacher. (5 pts)

9. Find a current event from a newspaper that relates to genetics. Highlight the 5 most important sentences and write a 3 sentence summary (10 pts)

10. Fill in the Internet assignment called "DNA." (10 pts)

11. Make up a 10 question quiz w/answers about "Genetics." (5 pts)

12. Watch video on "DNA: the Double Helix" and fill in questions. (5 pts)

13. Watch video on "Protein Synthesis" and fill in questions. (5 pts)

Section II. Choose one activity to investigate and report on for 15 pts.

1. Do the Protein Synthesis Activity with at least 1 other person.

Section III. Choose one question to research and write a report on for 15 pts.

1. Read an article on proteomics. Explain what it is and what its use might be in the future of medicine. Describe three of the main companies that are currently working in the field of proteomics.

2. Research the Human Genome Project. When will it be finished? What are its goals? Who is involved in it? What are the possible benefits of mapping the human genome?

Section IV. Unit Quiz. Required for all students. 10 pts. ______