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Empires and Cultures of the Americas

Marsha Cuttill

Maroa Grade School, Illinois

Complete the following for 100 points.

Required layer ¨ Participate in daily lesson discussions. (4 lesson @ 5 pts. Each 20 pts. total)

Complete sticky notes for each lesson for discussion. (4 lessons @ 10 pts. Each 40 pts. Total)

¨ Complete the questions at the end of each lesson (4 lessons @ 10pts. Each 40 pts. total)

Choose from the following to earn 100 points. “C” Layer ¨

Create a song/chant about the Empires of the Americas. Include at least 10 new facts in the song. Perform for me or 3 other classmates. (10 points)

¨ Create flash cards of all vocabulary for each lesson (4 lessons at 10 pts. Each 40 points total)

¨ Create an illustrated dictionary of terms you learned from this Unit. (40 points)

¨ Choose a famous person mentioned in this unit. Do some added research and create; either a written report, poster report or oral report about the person. (40 points)

¨ Create an illustrated map showing chief landforms and climates of either North or South America. (40 points)

¨ Read “Poetry of the Aztec” (get from teacher) then create your own poem about the Aztecs. (40 points)

¨ Compare an Aztec emperor to the Egyptian Pharaoh. (20 points)

¨ Illustrate and explain what you think are the 3 greatest achievement of the Inca and the Aztec. Be prepared to defend orally your choices. (40 points)

¨ Create a model of a birchbark canoe. (40 points)

¨ Create a color map of Native North Americans. Be prepared to orally describe what you learned. (40 points)

¨ Picture yourself as young Ojibwa people and choose an event in the Ojibwa life that you think you would enjoy most. Write a letter to a friend in another village describing your participation in that event. (30 points)

¨ Write a paragraph describing how the Ojibwa of the Great Lakes region adapted to their forest environment. (10 points)

¨ Write a paragraph summarizing the achievements of the Aztec civilization. (10 points)

¨ Suppose you are George Meegan in 1976 and you have just finished your seven-year walk across the length of the Americas. Write a letter to a friend about your journey. (10 Points)

¨ Complete “Ice Treasures of the Incas” Write a short summary of your findings. Be ready to defend what you learned orally. (40 points)

Choose ONE the following to earn 100 points. “B” Layer

¨ Where did we get some of the names of our United States of America? Many of the United States have names from the Native American Language, research and report your findings in a small summary and a color map showing these states

¨ Why would people want to visit Tenochititlan today? Design an itinerary of a tour of Tenochititlan. Create a color brochure to go along with your itinerary.

¨ Why were wigwams an efficient form of housing for people who moved with the seasons? Research and create a model. Be able to defend orally.

¨ How did the Aztec’s build an empire? Research and choose to report orally, written or on poster board.

Choose ONE the following to earn 100 points. “A” Layer

¨ Choose one country in the Western Hemisphere and do research on it so that you can create a travel brochure advertising the geographic advantages of that country. Your brochure should describe physical features and climate as well as vegetation and resources.

¨ With a partner prepare for a debate as to which civilization had the most profound impact on the history of the Americas: the Incas or the Aztecs.

See Mrs. Cuttill for a debate format. Your debate will not be rehearsed; you will just have someone doing research on the opposite side, so that you will have someone to carry on a debate with.

Grading Scale: 360-400 A 320 - 360 B 280 - 320 C 240 - 280 D 200 - 240 F You MUST be at work each day of class. Most class periods will begin with our discussion of the assigned lesson and points will be given for that activity.

Required layer: Participation Sticky notes

Questions Ls. 1 _____ ______ ______ Ls. 2 _____ ______ ______ Ls. 3 _____ ______ ______ Ls. 4 _____ ______ ______ “C” Layer

¨ _____________________________ ______ points

¨ _____________________________ ______ points

¨ _____________________________ ______ points

¨ _____________________________ ______ points

¨ _____________________________ ______ points

______ TOTAL “B” Layer

¨ _____________________________ ______ points “A” Layer

¨ _____________________________ ______ points

Total Points ________________ Project Grade __________ Comments: