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Andrew Croley

Century High School, Hillsboro, OR 97123


"C" Level - You may earn a maximum of 80 points from this section.
Activity Possible Points Points Earned
Read Section 37.1 and answer 3 questions orally (my choice). 5 Points Each
Read Section 37.2 and answer 3 questions orally (my choice). 5 Points Each
Create Vocabulary Flash Cards using the terms in the chapter and demonstrate knowledge of 3 flash cards (my choice) orally. 5 Points Each
Listen to lecture (Part 1) and take notes. Then answer 2 oral questions from the lecture. 5 Points Each
Listen to lecture (Part 2) and take notes. Then answer 2 oral questions from the lecture. 5 Points Each
Write a business letter to the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce to arrange for a guest speaker to discuss "Small Business Opportunities in Our Community." Read letter orally to three classmates. 10 Points
Use a coat hanger, string, and other materials to create a mobile that identifies the various ways to enter a business. Present to me. 10 Points
In any other language, create a list of 5 of the vocabulary words and read them to me. 1 Point Each
Read the "Say What?" article and give a 60-second summary. 5 Points
Read the Case Study on page 496 and give a 60-second summary to me in the form of a song. 5 Points

"B" Level - Choose Any Two of the Following: (10 Points Each)

1. Complete the Entrepreneurship Learning Module.

2. Complete the Inventors and Entrepreneurs Internet Activity.

3. Sole proprietorships and partnerships both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you were starting a coffee shop, which type of business organization would you choose? Explain your decision in an informational brochure created in MS Publisher.

4. Using, use the franchise directory to find out about a business (that does not currently exist in the Portland area). Then create a colorful informational poster about the franchise and how someone can start this type of business.

"A" Level - Must Complete One of the Following. (20 points)

1 It is said that a majority of businesses in the United States are sole proprietorships. Research the current statistics on this topic and prepare a 500-word essay on why the entrepreneur is so important to the U.S. economy.

2 Choose an entrepreneur and prepare a 500-word biography. Describe what characteristics and risks made this person successful.

3 Conduct an informational interview with someone who is a small business owner. Prior to the interview develop an interview script of at least ten questions to ask. Conduct the interview after receiving approval, from me, of your questions. Write down or tape record the responses you receive and then prepare a one-page typed summary of the interview.