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Virgil Johnson, Granger High School


Section one: Choose an assignment for max of 70 pts

1. Chap information; 15pts

2. Rhebus: 10pts

3. Judicial system; 10pts

4. Cause and effect; 10pts

5. Summary; read an article about the courts; 10pts

6. Design a new logo for the courts; 10pts

7. Make a child's book on the courts system; 15pts

8. Film notes; 10pts

9. Flow chart; diagram the hierarchy of the court system 10pts

Section 2: Choose only one. 15pts

1 court cases; you are the judge

2. Compose a citizens handbook of how the "Federal judiciary works", using facts sheets, charts, glossary terms, etc.

Section 3: Choose only one 15pts

1. Research the nomination procedure of the 1987 Robert Bork nomination and the 1991 nomination of Clarence Thomas. Address the following; why did Civil Rights groups take an active role in each confirmation process, and what was the outcome of the lobbying efforts? What would be your evaluation and why?

2. Assess the following landmark cases of the Supreme court and identify the issue's raised and how it applies to you.

100-96 A- 95 -91 B+ 90-86 B 85-81 B- 80-76

C+ 75-71 C70-66 C- 65-61 D+ 60-56 D 55-51 D- 50-46