Fish and Amphibians

Kathie F. Nunley, Granger High School


Fish & Amphibians: Conflict and Change Name__________________________ Period__________ Points________

Grading: 86-100 A 71-85 B 55-70 C 40 - 54 D

Section I. 65 points MAX. Must get 60 pts here to move to section II.

1. Write an autobiography. Include your name, age, your best physical feature, your favorite food, your favorite place to eat, describe your best friend and why, two conflicts you have in your life, where you go to feel the safest, and what you want to be doing five years from now. Write another autobiography. This time you are an amphibian. 15 pts.
2. Draw a water dwelling animal like a fish or octopus. Draw that same animal living on land. Describe the adjustments or adaptations that were made to move to land. This is an art project. It needs lots of artistic detail. Choose this only if you enjoying detailed drawing. 15 pts.
3. Watch the movie, Toadspell. Write 2 paragraphs summarizing the movie and 2 paragraphs on conflicts you saw in the movie and how change resulted from those conflicts. 15 pts
4. Listen to the lecture on amphibians. Take notes. 15 pts
5. How is a frog like a fish (list 10 similarities). How is it different (list 10 differences). 10 pts
6. Listen to the lecture on fish. Take notes. 15 pts.
7. Write a 10 sentence paragraph describing the difference between frogs and toads. Read it to 2 other classmates. Your paragraph can be in any language OTHER than English. 15 pts
8. Find 2 pieces of conflicting information on Fish or Amphibians between two textbooks. Explain why the books may differ on information. 15 pts
9. Watch any documentary-type t.v. show on fish or amphibians. List the title, network and date of broadcast. Describe the show in terms of conflicts in the amphibian world. 15 pts
10. Write a piece of poetry describing either conflict or change in an amphibian's world. Get written feedback from your English teacher. 15 pts
11. Read the chapter on Fish or Amphibians from any textbook. Outline the key concepts. Be prepared to summarize your reading. 15 pts.
12. Using adding machine paper, make a timeline showing when each vertebrate class appeared on earth. You must include a scale. 10 pts.

Section II. "B" level Choose One for 15 points
1. How fast does a fish swim in MPH?
2. Which moves faster, a fish or a frog?
3. How does temperature affect fish?
4. Do frogs have taste buds?

Section III "A" level. 20 points

What government agencies are responsible for game fishing in our state? What environmental concerns affect that industry? Research the current role of the Fish and Wildlife Division in the State. Write a letter to your state Senator arguing either for or against the continued funding of that program.

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