Fish and Amphibians

Kathie Nunley, Granger HS, UT



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Section I "C" Level 65 Points Maximum in this section:

Listen to lecture/ take notes 5 pts/day

1. Quietly watch the movie "Jaws" 10 pts/day (2 day movie)

2. Modern Biology Chapter 41. Read and be able to answer questions pg. 814 (15 points)

3. Write a poem IN A LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH describing the life of a fish or toad. Include 10 specific things. (10 points)

4. Modern Biology Chapter 42. Read and be able to answer question 834. (15 points)

5. Worksheets 5 pts each. (2 max)

6. Quietly watch "Toadspell" (10 points)

7. Write 15 things learned from the video "Toadspell" (5 points)

8. Write a 1/2 page autobiography. List name, age, favorite food, place to go, favorite friend, what you want to do in 5 years and where you go to feel safe. Write another one, this time you are a frog. (10 points)

9. Write a library report on any species of fish. At least 1-2 pages with 2 references listed. (10 points)

10. Draw, full color with detail any fish found in Utah. Suitable for display. (10 points)

11. Find and print 3 websites on environmental issues with amphibians (10 points)

12. Find a newspaper article on fish or amphibians. Clip, write a brief summary. (10 points)

Section 2 Labs. Choose one only. 15 pts.

1. What is the average respiration rate in fish?

2. Does water temperature affect respiration rates?

3. Write up 8 interview questions for a pet shop about keeping amphibians for pets. Visit a pet shop and conduct the interview. Be sure to include person's name and shop name.

Section 3 A level. 20 points. Choose one and use A level assignment sheet.

1. Is acid rain having an effect on Amphibians? Where? How?

2. Is it illegal to possess some toads?

3. How does the Utah Department of Wildlife protect fish?

86+=A 71+=B 56+=C 40+=D

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