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Safe Food Supplies

by Cathy Szata, Calgary, Alberta Canada

Questions: Throughout this unit these questions from the Alberta curriculum will guide our understandings during class discussions, group work, performance based evaluation (ex. oral defenses), activities and laboratories.

Essential Question:

How are food supplies maintained safely for human consumption?

Focusing Questions:

What personal and public decisions must be made regarding the safe handling of food?

What are the many kinds of micro-organisms and why are they found in such a variety of habitats?

What roles to micro-organisms play in relation to human food supplies?

Why is technology important for the preservation of human food?

How does personal and public decision making contribute to appropriate food handling procedures?

Section I C level: Basic understanding (65 POINTS MAX)

Using plain paper, write and illustrate a children's book or make a colouring book for children on the topic of Bacteria: growth, reproduction, antibiotics, prevention. (An example of a book in our library might be Germs Make Me Sick by Melvin Berger) Add a cover.

_____ /10 pts.

Research Anton van Leeuwenhoek. Write a one page report. Present the information and the report on a small poster board (open file folder 17" x 14"). Illustrate. Use and list 2 sources.

_____ /15pts.

Make flashcards for bold face type words ( 20 words) in Chapter 5 Science Directions - using your own words and include diagrams where appropriate.

_____ /10 pts.

Complete "Evidence of Understanding" Graphic Organizer prior to starting unit. Use the essential question in the key concept oval at the start of the organizer. Have teacher sign and date. Complete "Evidence of Understanding" Graphic Organizer after completing Level C activities. Have Teacher date and sign.

_____ / 5 pts

Make flashcards for the 10 focus points (on the left hand side of page 294) in Chapter 5 Science Directions; add supporting details in point form to explain each of the points

_____ / 10 pts

Read pages 272 and 273 Summarize in sentences and answer Think About it question on page 273

_____ / 10 pts.

Write 2 paragraphs. One on ways our bodies fight bacteria, one on ways it fights


_____ / 10 pts.

Make a chart. Read pages 256 to 263. List the five types of micro-organisms (outlined in bold red font in text) at the top of the chart. On the left most column list the following to make 7 rows for Size, Shape (include drawing), Movement, Natural habitat, Human made environment, Possible diseases caused by this organism, Factors that enhance or inhibit growth of this organism.

_____ / 15 pts.

Make a booklet of Internet sites dedicated to bacteria. Include cover page, table of contents and home page of at least 10 sites. For each site write a sentence or two about what important information can be found on this site.

_____ / 15 pts.

Find a newspaper article on a virus. Cut out, read and summarize. Attach your newspaper article to the summary.

_____ / 10 pts.

Interview someone who works in a medical lab on sterilization techniques.

_____ / 10 pts.

Parent/Guardian signature ________________________ Date ___________

Section II B Level. (15 POINTS MAX)

Choose one of the labs or activities that we have done in class. Submit as formal lab report with Problem, Materials, Procedure, Diagram(s) and answer Finding out and Finding out more questions. Develop 3 questions of your own that you might have after doing the lab based on the analysis, evaluation and synthesis levels of Bloom's taxonomy.

Students may choose to do Activity 5-5 page 267(discuss extension activity with teacher); Activity 5-12 page 285; or Activity 5-14 page 288 .

_____ /15 pts

Parent/Guardian signature ________________________ Date ___________

Section III A level - 20 points each. Choose one:

1. Write a report: Melanie said, "it's the government's responsibility to make sure that the food we eat is safe." Do you agree or disagree? Identify the people and or groups who you think are responsible for the safety of our food.

1 Write a report or create a multimedia presentation : What is the "down-side" to antibiotics in our society?

1 Role-play (max. 2 students) a press conference about a micro-organism outbreak somewhere. Produce and hand in script. (example e coli outbreak in Brooks)

1 Research 4 diseases that are spread by microorganisms. Dramatize each disease. Produce and hand in script. Be sure to include how the disease is spread and symptoms of the disease.(max. 2 to 3 students).

_____ / 20 pts

Parent/Guardian signature ________________________ Date ____________

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Grading scale: 86+ = A 71+ =B 56+ = C 40+ = D

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Note: parent /guardian signature and phone # worth 5 points extra credit in any section