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Freak the Mighty - Rodman Philbrick

by Laurie Hadden

Kearns Jr. High

Required- Read the book. you may do this either at home on your own, or in class while following along with the taped reading. (50pts)

Your choice-choose any of these assignments for a maximum of 100pts. You may , at times, choose to work with a partner, but all assignments must be defended orally by each student.

1. Illustrate a scene from the book, using paint, markers, colored pencils, pen and ink, charcoal colored paper, photographic collage, etc. (15pts)

2. Find song lyrics from any artist that you feel define one of the characters in the book. copy the lyrics and describe why you think these lyrics define that particular character. (15pts)

3. Quietly view the King Author video with the class. (10pts)

4. Take notes on the King Arthur video an point out the 3 most surprising things you learned from this video. (10pts)

5. Kevin has his own dictionary of words and terms he has adopted or made up. Create your own dictionary with words and definitions. (2pts each; 30pts maximum)

6. View the film Camelot,"starring Richard Harris, available on home video. Describe the 3 most ridiculous parts of the film. (15pts)

7. Draw plans for an ornithopter. (15pts)

8. Build an ornithopter. (15pts)

9. Choose 15-20 interesting or unfamiliar words from the novel and make flash cards with their definitions. Learn their meanings. (10pts)

10. Complete a worksheet from those in the file. Maximum 3 worksheets. (10pts) each.

11. Act out a scene from the book. you may work with on or more partners. (15pts)

12. choose one character and write a poem about that character. (15pts)

13. Create original music that could serve as a soundtrack for the novel. Record your music and provide a tape for the teacher to listen to. (15pts)

14. Create a diorama of a scene from the novel. (15pts)

15. Create puppets of 2 major and 2 minor characters. (15pts)

16. Act out a scene with your puppets. (15pts)

17. Create a poster advertising the book, or a new cover for the book. (15pts)

18. Choose your favorite part of the book. Write a description of this part of the book and tell why it is your favorite. Must be in language other than English.

19. Create a crossword puzzle using clues and words from the story. Use at least 15 words. (15pts)

20. Read the sequel Max the mighty. (15pts)

total points at C level (150pts)

Section II - B level Choose on -25 pts

1. Find an actual medical diagnosis for Kevin. Write two or three paragraphs outlining how you found the diagnosis and why you think the diagnosis you found is correct.

2. Rewrite the ending of the novel. Include dialogue and description. do you like your ending better or the book's original ending?

3. Write a one to two page description of a time you witnessed bullying toward someone who was different. Explain how you felt at the time, how you reacted at the time, and how you might react in the future.

4. Research a character that interests you from the legend of King Arthur. Write a one to two page description of that character and why you find him or her interesting. Include your sources.

Section III- A level Choose one. Discuss your topic with a parent, teacher, or other adult, or find two sources outside of the classroom, to inform your opinion and expose you to other opinions. Decide your opinion and write and write a one to two page defense of your position. Include mention of your outside sources - 25 points.

1. would it be better if only perfect children were allowed to be born?

2. Why do some people harass or intimidate others? Think of adults as well as children and teenagers.

3. Do you think students who are "learning disabled, like Max, should learn in special classrooms or in a regular classroom with other students?

4. What makes a person vulnerable to harassment? if you were a parent, what advice would you give to your child if he or she were "different" and you feared for his or her feeling and / safety?