by Fred Goerisch
Hyde Park Middle School, Las Vegas, NV

12.1    TSW describe the structure of DNA and explain where it is found.
12.2    TSW explain that DNA contains genetic material called genes.
12.3    TSW explain that one or more genes have the information for various characteristics or traits.
12.4    TSW describe Mendel’s experiment with peas.
12.5    TSW distinguish between dominant and recessive traits.
12.6    TSW predict offspring’s phenotype and genotype
12.7    TSW explain how new varieties of cultivated plants and domestic animals have resulted from selective breeding for particular traits.
12.8    TSW explain that mutations can occur naturally and may be harmful or helpful to the survival of a species.
12.9    TSW recognize that mutations over long periods of time can result in a new species.
12.10 TSW recognize that the scientific community debates how much inheritance influences characteristics and behavior.
12.11 TSW recognize that different species live where they can best survive

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Complete one “layer” before going on to another layer. Each assignment has a point value based on the amount of time and effort necessary to complete that task. You must earn the required number of points in any one layer before moving to the next layer. Be prepared to discuss and answer questions about each of your assignments. Failure to do this will result in no credit for that assignment. You will be awarded points by your teacher based upon your ability to discuss and answer questions about your work. When appropriate, you may work with a partner or partners, but you must be able to answer the teacher’s questions without any assistance.

NAME_________________________PERIOD______DUE DATE______

Section 1. Basic Understanding 75 pts (C): 60 pts needed to move to the
next Section. This (C) layer must be completed before beginning the (B) layer.

5pts._____1.  Attend Lecture; take notes and do the worksheets on Mitosis and Meiosis.
5pts._____ 2. Read and take notes p128-135. Do review Q1-5
5pts._____ 3. Review, take notes on HSTL130 or HSTL135
5pts._____ 4. See Video Discover Magazine “Genetics” take notes
5pts._____ 5. Do Activity “Replicating DNA” 
5pts._____ 6. Read and take notes p92-95. Do review Q1-4
5pts._____ 7. See Video “Mitosis” 2.5, Double Helix 2.5, & We are all Heirs 3.1 take notes
5pts._____ 8. Do DNA Crossword Puzzle
5pts._____ 9. Visit, Select HSTL 090 and report on one: DNA intro, DNA replications, DNA Genes, DNA Detail.
5pts._____ 10. Write 7 sentences about Genetics-in a language other than English.
5pts._____ 11. Do the activity on p106.
5pts._____ 12. Make a vocabulary book with 16 words from this unit
5pts _____ 13. Read and take notes P106-113. Do Review Q1-3
5pts______14. Read & take notes P114-119. Do Review Q1-3. Do Self  Check 1-4 on P117.
5pts______15. Do Activity “Vocabulary Garden”

THE LAYER “C” LEVEL IS COMPLETE________________DATE_______

SECTION 2. Application/Analysis level (B) 140pts: 110pts to move to A Layer

10pts____16.  Do the activity “Punnent Square”
10pts____17.  Do the activity “Pure Gold”
10pts____18.  Do the activity “Should That Dog be Called Spot?”
10pts____19.  Do the activity “What Color is the Pod?”
10pts____ 20.  Do the activity “History of Genetics”
10pts____ 21. Do the activity  “Genetics and Probability”
10pts____ 22. Do “Transparent Traits” Activity
10pts____ 23. Do Activity “The Cell in Action”
10pts____ 24. Do Activity “Heredity”
10pts____ 25. Do the Lab. “Probable Situation”
10pts____ 26. Do the lab “Variations on the Human Face”
10pts____ 27. Do the lab “Skittles”
10pts____ 28. Do the Review & Reinforcement “Chromosomes”
10pts____ 29. Do “What Would You Do?”

THE LAYER “B” LEVEL IS COMPLETE_________________DATE______

Section 3, Synthesis/Evaluation level (A) 120pts, 40pts necessary to complete the level (A) of the Genetics and Heredity Unit.

40pts____ 30. Select one from the following topics:
    a. cloning        b. gene therapy     c. human genome project
    Prepare a formal research paper about the following;
    1. Explain the topic. 
    2. Why is there controversy surrounding your topic?
    3. What is the value of this research to the world?
    4. What are the ethical issues involved?
40pts____ 31. Research the answers to the following questions:
      1. What are mutations?
    2. How are mutations caused?  
    3. Describe three types of mutations.
    4. How do mutations affect protein synthesis?
    5. Can mutations be helpful or are they always bad? Explain.
40pts_____ 32. Select a hereditary disease. Prepare a research paper demonstrating your understanding of that disease and its genetic  implications.
THE LAYER “A” LEVEL IS COMPLETE_______________DATE_______

From the list of “113” performance assessments design and complete a performance assessment that clearly demonstrates your understanding of Genetics and Heredity. This project is due one week from the end of this unit. Take your Standardized exam. Turn in your Portfolio by the due date of the 113.