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Letter Recognition A-E
Kindergarten unit

by Fred Goerisch

Hyde Park M.S.

A Kindergarten unit to take place over several weeks. The unit will be continued over a longer period of time with additional letters inserted into the lesson plans.

Level C: Knowledge and Comprehension.
1.    Whole group activity, Large drawing of letters with
    hands and arms, kinesthetic
2.    Writing letters on a white board
3.    Tracing letters on paper with models
4.    Group sign language and phonics sounds
5.    Cut and paste letters, matching activity.

Level B: Application and Analysis
6.    Copying letters from picture models
7.    Phonics puzzles
8.    Make letters from  clay, waxed yarn, pipe cleaners
9.    Computer lab practice on letters, matching activities.

Level A: Synthesis and Evaluation
10.    Sound/letter book. Have each student make a small book of blank pages. (cut paper stapled together, with their names on the cover). Have them listen to their parents that night. When the student identifies one of the new sounds in a word used by their parents they ask the parent to write down the word and the student underlines the letter that made that sound