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North Africa
From Trainer Fred Goerisch's Layered Curriculum Class
Las Vegas, NV
3.9      The student will examine the unique physical and human characteristics of Russia and the former Soviet Republics, the Middle East and North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa.
4.4    TSW compare how cultural characteristics affect different points of view with regard to places and regions.
4.15    TSW compare how cooperation and conflict among peoples contribute to political, economic, and cultural divisions on earth’s surface.
4.16    TSW explain how the physical and human geography of regions influence their economic activities.
5.1     The student will describe the changes that result from human modification of the physical environment.
5.2    The student will compare and contrast the opportunities and comstraints that the physical environment places on human activity.
7.2     TSW use a variety of research skills, including field work and computer resources, to collect geographic information.
7.3     The student will create and prepare various forms of graphic organizers: maps, graphs, diagrams, tables, or charts to organize geographic information.

General Instructions:  Complete one layer before going on to another layer.  No more than two assignments will be checked off by your teacher on any one day in any layer.  Each assignments has a point value based on the amount of tme and effort necessary to complete that task.  You must earn the required number of points in any one layer before moving to the next layer.
    Be prepared to discuss and answer questions about each of your assignments.  Failure to do so will result in no credit for that assignment.  When appropriate, you may work with a partner or partners, but you must be able to answer the teacher’s questions without any assistance.

Name _______________ Period ______ Due Date ____________

Section 1. Basic Understanding   150pts (C):   125pts needed to move to the next section.  This (C) layer must be completed before beginning the (B).

10 pts______1. Read p. 476 - 485, Do all the questions on each section...22 in all. 
5 pts _______2.Do the atlas review p.485 1-6.
5 pts _______3. Read p. 486 - 487, Do questions 1-3 on p. 487.
5 pts _______4. Do the hands-on activity, question 4 on p. 487.  Make sure map is thorough.
5 pts _______5. Read p. 489 - 495. Do Section 1 Review 1-6 p. 495.
5 pts _______6. Read p. 497 - 503.  Do Section 2 Review 1-6 p. 503.
5 pts _______7. Do worksheet Chapter 24 p.2
5 pts _______8. Put together the fact question cards and answers,  Work with a partner and play a matching game or use as flash cards.  Know at least 15 of the 21 facts.
5 pts _______9. Do worksheet Chapter 24 p.3
5 pts _______10. Do map on Egypt, label and color physically.
10 pts ______11.Collect vocabulary words p. 485, 495, and p. 503...17 in all.  Make a vocabulary book with pictures.
5 pts _______12. Do worksheet Chapter 24 p. 4
5 pts _______13. Do worksheet Chapter 25 p. 11
5 pts _______14. Watch video on Egypt...Write 20 main ideas of video.
5 pts _______15. Do worksheet Chapter 25 p.13
10 pts ______16. Read Faces magazine The Copts “Who are the Copts?”p. 8 - 13.  Make timeline and illustrate 2 events in Coptic history.
5 pts _______17. Do worksheet Chapter 25 p. 15
5 pts _______18. Do worksheet Chapter 25 p. 17 1- 6
5 pts _______19. Listen to lecture on Egypt.  Take notes.
10 pts ______20. Do physical map on Africa, label and color.
10 pts ______21. Do political map on Africa, all the countries and capitals.
10 pts ______22. Read any article in the Faces magazine The Copts.  Either do a graphic organizer, a 1 page summary, or a detailed illustration on the article.
5 pts _______23. Read Worksheet p. 98-99, Do Chapter 25 test.
5 pts _______24. Do “Worksheet Religions of African Nations”

The Layer “C” level is complete ________________date__________

Section 2. Application/Analysis level (B)  30 pts necessary to move to the (A) level.

10pts ______25. Create 20 of your own fact cards. Play the game with a partner.  Memorize all the facts.
20pts ______26. Reporting about Africa.  Choose 3 topics about Africa to research and report ex. population, natural resources, languages, etc..  Use 3 different kinds of graphic organizers to show the information - charts, graphs, maps, etc.  Follow directions on worksheet.

The “B” level is complete ____________________ date ___________

Section 3, Synthesis/Evaluation level (A) 50pts necessary to complete the level (A) of the African unit.

50 pts ______27. Read “Coptic Bookbinding” on p. 32- 33 in the Faces magazine The Copts.  Make your own Coptic Book following those directions.  The contents should include a report about the culture of any country in North Africa. Make sure you research it thoroughly.

The “A” level is complete ______________________date ___________

From the list of “113” performance assessments design and complete a performance assessment that clearly demonstrates your understanding of  North Africa.  Turn in your portfolio.  Take your final exam.