by Fred Goerisch

Las Vegas, Nevada


1.3 TSW list the steps of the scientific method for problem solving

1.4 TSW describe the steps of the scientific method.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Complete one "layer" before going on to another layer. No more than two assignments will be checked of, by your teacher, on any one day, in any layer. Each assignment has a point value based on the amount of time and effort necessary to complete that task. You must earn the required number of points n any one layer before moving to the next layer.

Use your password and user name to access all reading and web site assignments. Be prepared to discuss and answer questions about each of your assignments. Failure to do so will result in no credit for that assignment. When appropriate, you may work with a partner or partners, but you must be able to answer the teacher's questions without any assistance.

NAME_________________________PERIOD________DUE DATE_____

Section 1. Basic understanding. 65 points (C): 55 point çs necessary to move to Section 2. This (C) layer must be completed before beginning the (B) layer. Scientific Method

5pts_____1. Listen to the lecture on the Scientific Method. Take notes

5pts_____2. Make a vocabulary book containing at least 14 terms

about the Scientific Method.

5pts_____3. Read the chapter "Scientific Method," P10-18. Answer the

questions 1-3 P12 & 15, do Self Check & questions 1-3

on P18, "Review"

5pts_____4. Do lab "The Mystery of the Bubbling top"

5pts_____5. Do activity "The Case of the Bulge"

5pts_____6. Do puzzler "The World of Life Science"

5pts_____7. Do worksheet 'the Scientific Method"

5pts_____8. Make a poster of a flow chart showing how the Scientific

Method works. Explain each step. This is an Art project.

5pts_____9. Do "the Great Shoe Lab"

5pts_____10. Do "The Mobius Strip" lab

5pts_____11. Do "the Case of the Sleeping Frog" activity

5pts_____12. Do "Identifying Errors" activity

5pts_____13. Do "Checkup Ã3 & 4, Analyzing & performing an Experiment

THE LAYER (C) IS COMPLETE_________________DATE________

Section 2. Application/Analysis level (B) 30 pts. 20 pts necessary to move to the (A) level. Scientific Method

10pts_____14. Do Activity "Organizing Data"

10pts_____15. Do Activity "paper Airplane Lab"

10pts_____16. Do "Great Penny Boat Activity"

THE LAYER (B) IS COMPLETE___________________DATE_______

Section 3. Synthesis/Evaluation level (A) 60 points. 40 points are necessary to complete this units of study (A)

20pts_____17. Do Lab "Testing a Hypothesis"

20pts_____18. Do Lab "Just a spoonful of Sugar"

20pts_____19. Do Activity "Raft- Sink or float"

THE LAYER (A) IS COMPLETE_________________DATE__________

You must now take your standardized exam. You must plan a 113 Performance Assessment due in one week. Your Portfolio is due in one week. Each of these assignments must reflect your complete understanding of the Scientific Method.