The Exciting Creatures!! - Fungus, Algae, Protozoa

Kathie Nunley Granger HS, UT



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Section I "C" Level 65 Points Maximum in this section: No more than 2 assignments graded on day 5.

1. Listen and take notes 1 2 3 4 To get credit you must be QUIET and LISTEN

to notes. This is a listening assignment.

2. Watch the video. 10 pts

3. Write a summary from the video. 5 pts.

4. Read Chapter 21 in HBJ text. Answer the bioquiz questions 1-20 on pg. 326-27. 10 pts

5. Using 3 different textbooks, show different ways that Algae are classified. 10 pts.

6. Make flashcards from the vocabulary board terms. 10 pts.

7. Group brainstorming: in a group of 4, brainstorm a review of the year. On a large mural paper, write title of all units and write 20 things you learned in each of them. 15 pts.

8. Read Chapter 26 in Modern Biology. Choose 5 questions to answer 10 pts. I chose the questions for 15 pts.

9. Collect, paste/copy labels from 5 products that contain algae. 10 pts.

10. Make a 12 x 18 poster showing all the Phyla of protozoa and Algae. Color. 10 pts.

11. Read Chapter 22 in HBJ text. Answer the bioquiz questions 1-20 on pg. 338-39.

12. Read Chapter 28 in Modern Biology. Choose 5 questions to answer 10 pts. I choose the questions 15 pts.

13. Find 3 different algae cells under the microscope. Show me. 10 pts.

14. Write a poem explaining the similarities between you and a paramecium. 10 pts.

15. Create and draw a sci-fi protozoa. Include 10 organelles. Design him for handling a harsh environment. Explain it. 10 pts.

16. Worksheets. 5 pts each. (15 points max)

17. Dissect a mushroom. Glue the parts on a paper and label. 10 pts.

18. Write a 1 page report on the discovery of penicillin. Use/list at least 2 resources. 10 pts.

19. Take a quiz on day 5 from your notes. 10 pts.

Section II B Level Choose ONE only. 15 pts.

1. Make a mushroom farm using spores from the mushrooms in class.

2. Grow a mold garden. Use a Ziploc bag and your own materials.

Section III A level- Use A level sheet. Choose ONE only. 20 pts.

1. Does industrial waste effect aquatic ecosystems?

2. Are mushrooms disgusting?

3. Are food preservatives harmful?

Grades: 86+=A 71+=B 56+=C 40+=D

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